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Advice on Sterling LS3/6
Congrats! I’m really jealous of your deal… You said you intend to use a ss amp with them, but, if you’re not religious about this stuff (and maybe have the option to comparison shop?), the Stirlings sound fantastic with tubes.   
Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
@ghasley lol  
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
@bjesien lol  
Sun Valley vs Sun Audio 300b
@beattyomatic Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the very informative post. What speakers are you using with the Sunvalley?  
Klipsch + NFB: Yea or Nay?
Thanks for the response. So, basically, your view is an amp should always employ some amount of feedback?  
Tokyo for SET Lovers
@auroravengeance That’s the hope, but can you suggest a store? @pindac Do you live in Tokyo?  
Decware Sarah 300B Amp?
It is, but who wouldn’t want a Blade Runner-esque amplifier? It could be called The Rachel.   
Sun Valley vs Sun Audio 300b
Any new developments to report? Did any of the above participants (or others) try either the Sun Audio or Sun Valley 300B amp?   
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@roncagg you read my mind. My first Leben developed an issue shortly after the first tube change (new production tubes though). That unit remains in repair limbo, so I still have no idea how the tubes could’ve damaged the amp (which of course make... 
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
Lol. Because the music still sounds great, think I'll just take a wabi-sabi view on this one and direct my neuroses elsewhere (e.g., grills on or off? NOS or new? MM vs MC, etc).  
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@djspinner Yeah I seem to be on Brent's page (though I'd prefer @bjesien silence)... Leben #2 performs identically to Leben #1 in this regard: ear at tweeter has low level noise once the operation light comes on and it remains the same no matter ... 
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@djspinner Thanks for the engagement. Since you mention owning the same Klipsch/Leben combo, can you hear any tube hiss/buzz/noise from the tweeter?  
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@ghasley Unfortunately, I don't have wired headphones. But yeah, definitely shopping 5751s from Brent or VTS (good point on the speakers). In addition to the GE version, the Sylvania 5751 black plate, triple mica get some great feedback.   
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@bjesien Thanks again! That's *really* good to know... Tomorrow I'm supposed to receive my second, new Leben CS300XS (hence the original purpose of this thread). Don't want to go into the long, boring details of my Leben saga here (at least not y... 
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@bjesien Even with the Klipsch and ear at the tweeter?