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First Tube amp suggestions
Check out the Coincident Dynamo 34SE MKIII ($1,799). Incredible amp for the price.  
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
This site is frequented by mostly audiophiles. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post where people didn’t extoll the virtues of higher priced equipment, well beyond the OP’s budget. Component synergy is key (i.e. matching components that compliment ... 
looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range
You already have a very decent amp & preamp (within your budget range). Previous posters are correct - look for higher efficiency speakers (i.e. >94 dB/M) . When I ran a pair of Martin Logan Spires (94 dB/M), I powered them with a pair of... 
Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?
You should be able to find a Doge 8 preamp within your price range, depending on the tube set it comes with.. I had one before I replaced it with a Don Sachs preamp. The Doge 8 is *very* sensitive to tube selection (4 X 12AX7, 4 X 12AT7). I real... 
Esoteric DV-50S is your friend.  
Getting Back In - But Doing it Sanely
@dayglow Yes, a $2,000 int. amp will not have the refinement that a +$10,000 amp will have. But that’s a limitation of the OP’s budget, not of any of the other amps listed. FWIW, the Yamaha would hold up against the amps you listed in the OP's p... 
System advice
Ooo! I love spending other people’s money! Speakers: Klipsch Forte, $3,500 Int. Amp: Marantz PM-KI Ruby, $2,200 Streamer: Auralic Aries G2.1, $3,500 IC Cables: Teo Audio GC, $1,250 (new only) Speaker Cables: Cardas Audio Clear Reflection, $2,... 
Horns with good timbre and tonality?
@ei001h wrote: "Do you think they can reproduce dynamics ?" Absolutely. And @audiokinesis is correct. Timbre is very difficult to reproduce properly. Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A do this very, very well. But don't take my word for it, go h... 
Getting Back In - But Doing it Sanely
The Yamaha A-S801 ticks all your boxes.   
Horns with good timbre and tonality?
If you are looking for realistic piano, cello and symphony, have a listen to Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A. These puppies have everything you are looking for: speed, dynamics, timbre and tonality. As a musician, I find that these faithfully r... 
Speaker Recommendations
If you have the space, then I'd recommend Martin Logan Spires: Electrostatic Panel with Powered 10" Cone Woofer (200 Watt Amplifier)  29 Hz – 23 kHz ± 3 dB 91 dB/2.3 Volts/M 59″ H x 12.5″ W x 17.8″ D 58 Pounds/Each  
budget diy tube preamp beating many expensive preamps... problem with my system?
@smodtactical Contact Teo Audio in Kingston. They offer a money-back guarantee on their IC cables, if you don’t like them (no questions asked). Trust me, you won’t return them.  
New Speaker advice
@soix Which is why I recommended auditioning, rather than buying a preamp - to see if it made an appreciable difference. People are recommending +$10,000 speakers.  A $1,000 - $3,000 preamp may give the OP the sound that  a) he can live with, an... 
New Speaker advice
I always recommend focusing on the weakest link in the audio chain. Your Vandersteen’s are definitely not your weakest link. See if you can borrow a decent preamp (that falls within your budget) to plug into your system first before getting rid o... 
Not sure if I have enough oomph.
For an arena? No, you don't have enough power. For the average home listening room?  You'll be just fine.