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1 pair of good interconnects- which 2 components should I use them on?
Nutty, you're right: start at the source.  
Old-school, and the quest for musical nirvana
Help! My system is very bright it hurts my ear
Oregonpapa might be right... have your ears checked first.Second step would be: find all the blankets, towels etc. you can find and cover every hard reflective surface in your listening room to see how much your room interacts unfavourably with yo... 
Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?
Maybe everyone is listening to music :-) 
bridged amp
It says 100 W 8 Ohm and 200 W 8 Ohm bridged.  
New Luxman DA-06 doesnt sound so great. Will it get better?
Dave,I think you are right. That is why I changed from a Spectral / dcs set to an all Nagra set: CD player, pre and power. No guess work involved. Still, Audioman, I hope you get things sorted out: contact Luxman and accept the costs if there are ... 
Keith Emerson of ELP.....Rest in Peace!
A God went home... RIP, Keith 
Nagra Jazz
I can't find a way to use the mail system here... My email address is: Thanks! 
Nagra Jazz
Hi John,can |I send you a private email with some questions about the Classic? 
Nagra Jazz
Thanks, John. Tomorrow is the big day :-) Are you using the VFS platform? 
Nagra Jazz
Thank you John! Have you ever felt the itch to buy a second one in order to use it in a bridged configuration?  
Nagra Jazz
Hi Jfrech! We talked earlier about Nagra. Thank you very much for your answer! I now have the Jazz and CDP. At the end of the week they will be joined by the Classic Amp which you have also also bought if I remember correctly.Cheers,Wim 
Nagra Jazz
Thank you Jfrech!Luckily the VFS were included in the deal. As for the power supply, both the Jazz and CDP include  the Nagra ACPS II power supply. Now only one thing to do...sell my Spectral 360s and buy the Classic.Enjoy the festive season!Wim 
Nagra Jazz
Just bought a second-hand Nagra Jazz and CDP. Hope to receive them this week :-) 
Nagra Jazz
Thanks again! Since I am talking to a Nagra expert... why did you sell your PLL and which pre are you using now? Have you ever changed tubes yourself or is this better done by a specialist. At the moment I am offered a second hand jazz, pll and a ...