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Help with XLR ICs.
Mogami is the best you can get for most gear, the prices company charge for simple copper is insanity, if you want gold wires you need gold all the way from the generator. Making your own using neutik or switchcraft gold ended connectors is nearly... 
Help with XLR ICs.
Make your own cables for wire is wire, just make sure you get some pure copper xlr cable and neutrik xlr connectors or switchcraft both make the best xlr connectors and wire is wire I am an electrician so I know what I am talking about, Mogami gol... 
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
Mogami makes some of the best, and you could also make your own   
Let's Talk DAC's
SMSL makes some good dacs, I’m using a su-9 and a su-9 pro both sound great using the usb input and xlr output rca also sounds decent the pro can turn off all filters which makes it a true hifi experience   
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
I like crown and the xti 6002 is a great amp with loads of power and control, this amp can drive nearly any speaker as long as it’s not more than 6000 watts and 3000 watts a channel at 2 ohms and can only bridge in 4 ohms to put out 6000 watts   
The best part about MQA bankruptcy..
@audioisnobiggie SACD is not dead, it prospers as even higher bitrate dsd files.  They're up to dsd256, up from the original 64, so far.  There's probably higher already, my dac can do 512. yes but there is a huge disadvantage to dsd 512 the fi... 
MQA Declares Bankruptcy
@mattmiller Needless to say the digital Audio world has always had its ebbs and flows, and will continue to do so.     Audio coaxial cables FTW     
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
Ixnay on the hombre by the offspring makes for a good listen   
What is your experience with amp power?
High efficiency loudspeaker usually have greater dynamic range than less efficient speakers, due to something called ’thermal compression’, which is heating of the voice coil. As the coil heats up, its resistance goes up too. This is far more com... 
Ripping CD's to hard drive
As far as I know DSD 512 is the highest and be warned that one song takes up more space than a whole album at 44.1 kHz  
Digital can reproduce the sounds of analog, analog can only reproduce sounds of analog, things improve over time but most people refuse that the new can be better than the old.  
Connectors from cross-overs to drivers question
If you’re going to solder electronics for connectors silver solder with rosin core so no flux needed, for one of the best and to use on circuit boards is silver solder with a silver core and separate flux. You can use that for connectors and conne... 
Which DAC Filter - Fast or Slow?
I have an smsl su9 pro and I turn off all filters for a neutral filter is high fi in definition  
Recommend A New DAC Between $1000 and $2000
I’m using an smsl su-9pro it’s natural sounding since you can turn off all filtering and can reach 135db which is also very nice and the price is 500 usd.   
Interconnect advice needed
10 feet is a short run for rca you shouldn’t run into any problems unless you have a lot of loose electricity flying around in the air. Xlr is great for long runs since it’s redundant and also shielded at the same time the cable carries 2 signals ...