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DAC contest: Border Patrol Sei or Chord Qutest?
In my system BP killed Chord TT2/M-Scaler and it wasn't funny at all because of the huge price difference...   
Cyrus CDT-XR is the best in my system. Betters: Cyrus CDT Jay's Audio CDT Mk.II Linn Ikemi CEC CD51 Linn Karik  
Dac that has tone and timing?
Border Patrol SE-I. Bested Chord TT2/M-Scaler in my system.  
Why do Cyrus get such praise from What HiFi???
I must day -I have better luck with Cyrus gear. I have Signature phonostage with outboard psu and found it very very good- in line with what hifi findings. I have CDt as well - and it's exceptional fom sound quality point of view. Better than Ike... 
Digital tweaks or upgrades that do work
Italian Faber's Cables ethernet cable is huge upgrade for any streamer. Try it - not cheap but worth every  cent. Unbelievable improvement. The secret - it effectively dumps noise which comes from ethernet line to ground.  
Border Patrol DAC tube change
I had brand new Border DAC - one month only in my system. So stock Tungsram EZ80 was fresh. DAC finished break in and after that I changed the tube. Difference for better was big.  
Border Patrol DAC tube change
Old thread but,,, Put Mullard BVA EZ81(Holland made) instead of stock Tungsram EZ80 - big improvement in tone and dynamics. EZ81 can always be used instead of EZ80 - the only difference EZ81 can handle higher plate voltage... Border DAC is stroke... 
Try Cyrus CDt. After 100 hours of break in...  
Borderpatrol Dac SE
My Border dac was new, 3 weeks only in system.  Outperformed my another 6000$ dac from the first  moment. More so after break in... Amazing dac. Try Furutech Flux-50 filter on dac power input. Not cheap but this thingy improved everything con... 
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Border Patrol SE-I. Amazing analogue sounding and musically involving dac.  
Which Transport or CD Player?
Cyrus CDt. Had Jays - Cyrus was better...  
CD Transport Question
Big success with Cyrus CDt... Much better than all transports or players I had before- Jays Audio,Ikemi,CEC TL51,Rotel RCD855. Use it with Chord TT2 dac.  
Shelf life of EMT TSD 15 rubber suspension
In high humidity Israel - suspension of TSD lives 1 year maximum... Have lot of bad experience with them.  
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
Leben CS1000P is incredible-very detailed,big and dynamic. 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
Once I thought my Melco S100/N100/Roon killed my cdp(Linn Ikemi)... Until purchasing Jays Audio CDT Mk.2 cd transport... Which killed streaming. Anyway my analogue(EMT 948) was better than both still.