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Stereolab/Stereovox LS-700
Thanks for the post Suntrapak. What cables did you end up with? 
Best budget DIN phono cable? Too many to choose
Take a look at Grover Huffman's phono cable. It's not that much money and it's quite good. It's also flexible enough and small enough that, without the DIN shell, you may get away with a straight DIN which I believe brings the cost down. 
anyone hear Leif Series or LS Nordost IC cables
I've had a chance to audition the Red Dawn LS speaker cables in my system and wasn't overly impressed. They were "fine" but I found them somewhat dull and lacking in detail. Just my opinion. Further, for what it's worth, I found the Nordost jumper... 
To SME or not to SME?
Hello everyone. I took the plunge and after some delays in setup (it's cottage season up here) I've now had a chance to do a bit of listening. I don't have time for anything approaching a review at the moment but I would like to simply put it to y... 
Review: Origin Live Illustrious Signature Tonearm
I guess everyone's experience is different. I went from an Illustrious MK3 recently to a SME V with silver wiring with the same 'table and cart and was quite pleased at the improvements it brought in terms of greater clarity and accuracy while sac... 
Stand out phono stages
FWIW, prior to my current setup I had an EAR 324 which I thought was very, very good. I now have a better phono stage - the on board phono in my Berning Zotl One pre. I haven't tried it yet, but the pre has the facilities to be powered by a 12v ba... 
To SME or not to SME?
Just ordered a SME 20/3 today. Hope it's the right move. Thanks to all the members who posted. After I get the 'table and run it in a bit, I'll post my findings for anyone who might be interested. 
To SME or not to SME?
The Orbe is a very nice analogue source. I like the Orbe, it's just that I would like something better. I think I can do somewhat better all around with the SME - better detail, resolution, somewhat deeper, more accurate bass response etc. All the... 
To SME or not to SME?
The upgrade bug is a given for most in this hobby. From time to time it's going to bite. It's that simple. Since the 'table is my only source - and likely the best candidate in my system for an upgrade - I've been doing a lot of research lately on... 
Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?
Interesting point of view, thanks for sharing that. So what do you consider the " top spots " ? I have had some gear that is currently in review and it broke down as well, but I wont mention names of what didn't cut it, or was not reliable. thats ... 
Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?
Strange. The reports I have from every owner are nothing short of outstanding. I guess every person has an opinion however, thats what makes this hobby great. Incidentally the OTL-195's were compared in an audio clinic in the USA to some products ... 
Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?
If you are looking for the very best value and performance, inquire about a McAlister Audio OTL or one of their "real" SET amplifiers 
Ayon Triton---suggestion on speakers?
Do yourself a huge favour and have a look at the LaHave Audio Mela owned by one member who has a virtual system posted here. I had a chance to hear these recently and they are the best match for tube electronics I have heard in my 27 years of this... 
SME V and Te Kaitora Rua
Thanks for the input from the various members. Happy holidays! 
SME V and Te Kaitora Rua
I've got a SME V on order. Just wondering if my cartridge is a match or if I'm going to have to "educate" myself on the fine art of damping. I have some telling me it kills the dynamics.