Responses from mid-fi-crisis

Tough crowd. No manners. And one of the reasons I don't bother reading this forum much anymore.  
What I really hate about some music
 Lou Reed sings the lines Last Great American Whale  4 times in a row and it's fine with me.   
Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?
Like a lot of things once the technology has improved to a particular point where further improvement is marginal at best, effort starts to go into styling, snake oil, aesthetics etc. that's where things are with hi-fi. Just look at cars (pre EV)... 
Why should audiophile deniers be allowed on an audiophile forum?
I'm going to go against the flow and say I do not believe in free speech when the speech is only to antagonise. I think we give too many trolls room to breath because of "free speech". If it's genuine opinion they're posting then all good, but oth... 
Warm, rich, smooth, 3d tube integrated amp, budget $6000
I haven't tried many alternatives but can say that the primaluna Evo 400 I own is a great integrated amplifier that doesn't run the tubes hard and is made to last. Plenty of good reviews around. The only downside is that the 8 power tubes are co... 
Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
You can almost guarantee that high-end anything is just an overpriced offering to those who need to spend a lot to feel good. People start chasing mirages and they think they're achieving small steps to perfection but are really just getting sucke... 
Buy Back Old or Move On?
Primaluna tube amp. Will outlast you and you'll love the tube glow at night. Maybe factor in a couple of tube sets over 20 years.  
Another PL owner here. integrated evo400.   I just wanted a tube amp that worked without me needing to use a screwdriver and multimeter (though i have both). I've experienced the "bad tube indicator" on the PL and been able to change that tube ... 
Transmission line speakers!
My mains speakers are some transmission line IMF RSPM mark IV.  I bought them in great condition from a junk shop a year or so ago. My magnepan .7's and Dalhquist dqm9 have been pushed into a corner ever since.  The IMF's are huge and heavy but... 
Need help choosing a new DAC
You know they'll all be decent but a little bit different to each other. If you can't try them in your own system you really have to roll the dice to a certain extent. I have the MHDT Orchid. I like it. The tube gives a little bit of scope to mas... 
Not manufactured any more.
IMF reference standard professional monitor https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP71o0Hdqo5vsl9GFOorckR-GD1d5waePQaRsoy8J75WHCP2yT8RNp48GzoQNQULg?key=ZjV1Z2dDUjZMT0luajVsSVVJY0ZBTEVXNnpoWWl3          
Not manufactured any more.
Otherwise known as the kabuki thread  
Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.
Roxy Music when Eno was still in the band    
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
I think the audio store guys are stressed and underpaid and have trouble making sales.The way of the world revolves around greed. Big business wants to streamline the route between your wallet and theirs and this means that the middle man will suf... 
Speaker Recommendation up to 70k
When you say a Swiss front end, do you mean it sounds neutral?