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Pass Labs Speaker Choices
First Watt Sit-3/Klipsch Cornwall IV's Streaming Qobuz hi-res files through an Auralic Altair G1. Added a Black Ice Fusion 360 preamp to 'complete' the system. I'm a happy camper....    
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
'Birds' by Dominique Fils-Aimé    
My experience with the First Watt F7
Greetings........Sit-3 owner, here.........it powers Cornwall IV's, playing high-res files streamed through Qobuz. Suffice it to say that I am a very Happy Camper!    
Preamp help please!
Coach: I too have a Sit-3 and Cornwall IV’s. I am using a different preamp....I live in Maine (!) and if you’re close by, you’re welcome to come by and have a listen... Preamp is a Black Ice Fusion 360 which uses a 6SN7 tube.....  
Whole new world
This is the same for all of us......when you cup your hands, you're 'capturing' the sound and you feel more immersed _in_ it; not unlike the effect of wearing headphones.  Now, if one does this in a room that has been treated as close to perfectio... 
List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.
Upgrading from Basil Hayden to Michter's.It was as though a veil had been lifted! 
Is There Any Reason To Buy A Reel-To-Reel Machine Nowadays??
(Sorry-I've been drinking, and I thought that was oh-so Clever!)  
Is There Any Reason To Buy A Reel-To-Reel Machine Nowadays??
Yes-if you can't get to a laundromat....... 
Class A amplifiers
Add my name to the Nelson Pass Fan Club.His amplifiers have a reputation for being highly dependable.I have (and Love) a First Watt Sit-3; It does not generate much heat at all and I expect many years of trouble-free service from it, as that would... 
Decoupling for Cornwall IV's
Gentlemen!I have succeeded in exhausting my little brain, what from too much thinking. So-I have pulled the trigger, put the pedal to the metal and made a decision! I have ordered some BXI Anti-vibration pads!Great reviews/cheap price.........what... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
Over here, in my digs, my Cornwall IV's are driven by a First Watt Sit-3 (18 wtc), with music streamed (Qobuz) through an Auralic Altair G1. I have not enjoyed the privilege of auditioning many components and/or systems, so I cannot know if my Cor... 
Decoupling for Cornwall IV's
jayrossi: Thank you.........I had bookmarked that link months ago!Twas a Stereophile reviewer who recommended them!I have yet to get to room treatment, so in the short term, I may simply employ these (or something similar) and see (hear) what happ... 
Decoupling for Cornwall IV's
Ah..........alas, I've only a Bentley!I will nonetheless, look into your point of reference more carefully...Thank you!  
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
I have a First Watt Sit-3. (Class A)It does not get hot.18 Watts can provoke ear-bleeds with Cornwall IV's.Efficiency?YES! ;-) 
What's with the many volume variances with streaming, and how do you deal with it?!
Yup! ;-)