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Roon Aquisition: Will This Help Or Hamper?
I just saw this. It felt inevitable that a bigger fish would swoop them up. I just hope my lifetime membership remains such.  
Does the Audio press ever excite you anymore?
For never meeting the man I'm still upset over Art Dudley's passing. He was the gold standard. Herb has filled some of that void but is universally positive about anything and everyone (not the worst trait in this world today.) I'm also starting t... 
Best Digital USB cables under $ 300.00 ??
Another Wireworld Starlight vote here.   
What happened to all the highend stereo shops
Hi rlj, Don't miss out on JS Audio in Bethesda and Command Performance in Falls Church. Outside of NYC I think the DC Metro area has one of the best brick and mortar hifi showings in the US. Add to that having Capital Audio Fest I'm a happy lil' ... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
Seperates are great but require even more $$$ for power and interconnect cabling. Coming from a $100k all Shindo system I'm honestly toying with going with the simpliest (but bad-ass) rig of a Lumin P1 + ATC powered SCM150's. Add a pair or good xl... 
Is it time that Klipsch Heritage marketing a subwoofer?
Just upgrade to the Jubilee's which play down to 18hz. No sub required. All you need is: 1. $35k 2. A caverous space 3. A wildly understanding domestic partner  
Speaker Recommendations: Corner Placement
Audio Note AN-E's are designed to be corner loaded.  
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
Honestly I sold off my very $$$ (well at least to me) all Shindo system to help finance a new business. I just couldn't justify it sitting there not getting the love and play time it deserved. I replaced it with Kef LS50 Wireless II's and the matc... 
Harbeth 40.3's. Should I buy them?
If you like Harbeth an ANE's but wanna be able to rock out more I'd through Devore O-96's into the mix.  
Why Are We Breaking Our Brains?
So I'm a Master Sommelier. I studied 9 years to pass the exam in 2014. Since then I've run wineries, worked in the vineyards, owed restaurants and retail wine shops and teach about wine around the world. I've worked/studied/observed wine from ever... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Not yet mentioned: Elvis Costello is the best worst singer I know.  
Subwoofer cables
For XLR/Balanced - Monoprice, Bluejeans or Mogami are all fine. RCA - I'd look at Kimber Kable's Cadence made specifically for subs and very reasonable.  
Thoughts on Lumin D2
I had a Lumin T2 and loved it. Only dis is that ROON is a way better interface but you could say that about every Streamer.  
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I’ll go one further. I’m toying with the idea of some powered ATC 150’s feed by a Lumin P1. No speaker cables. Just a pair of xlr’s. Lean, mean and clean.  
What power cord do you use for your processor?
I have everything plugged into a Shunyata Hydra using their Venom series AC cords. The Cord between the Hydra and the wall is a Shunyata (insert much fancier snake name here, I can't remember). Sounds appreciably better than stock but I don't spen...