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SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
I also saw the Dead at Englishtown, NJ in '77.  
getting into streaming
I may get laughed out of this thread, but... I’m using moOde Audio player software on a Raspberry PI 3B+ into to the USB input on my Parasound P6. It sounds great. Even compared to vinyl (SOTA, etc.) or CDs. I’m not using network switches const... 
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
I attended way too many loud concerts in the 60’s and 70’s. Many of them were in large (for those days) venues - the Spectrum and original Electric Factory at 22nd and Arch in Philadelphia (saw Jefferson Airplane at both - most memorably the Elect... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Leo Kottke. He described his singing as "Like geese farts on a muggy day." Jorma Kaukonen. John Prine. Someone mentioned Leonard Cohen, but I think there was a big difference between his singing early in his career vs. later. Somebody also men... 
Favourite Guitarists
Leo Kottke Jorma Kaukonen Richard Thompson Joni Mitchell Jimmy Page Larry Coryell Bonnie Raitt  
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Sandy Denny Joni Mitchell Grace Slick (also June Tabor, Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss, Margo Timmins)  
How Electricity Actually Works
@deludedaudiophile      - Thanks for injecting some sanity into this thread.  
Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?
@re-lar-kvothe I was also at Watkins Glen in ‘77. What a weekend… a deer ran in front of my 240Z in upstate New York on the way to the Glen. When I got there, some “helpful” people were trying to direct cars to The Bog (for those not familiar with... 
Great speaker sounds terrible in my room?
Try downloading a copy of REW (Room Equalization Wizard), select the Room Simulation tab and enter your room dimensions. You can then move speaker and listening positions in the resulting diagram (you can do more, e.g. change surface absorptions, ... 
eBay / PayPal: Beware - enough is never enough.
Try US Audio Mart. I've had excellent buying and selling experiences there. 
Connecting a streamer via an Ethernet cable
Qobuz streaming sounded as good as some good CDs. I find that Qobuz Hi-Res sounds much better than CDs. 
Diffuser or absorber behind listening position....and is it worth doing??
My room is about the same size as yours, and due to the location of a fireplace there is no choice but to put the speakers on the long wall.This is a long thread, so maybe I missed a relevant comment. If so, please excuse the repetition.I wasn't s... 
Connecting a streamer via an Ethernet cable
z32kerber: Why guess? If your streamer supports it, see if packets are being dropped or retried on the WiFi interface, and then plan your strategy based on the data. (for example, if your router is running Linux under the hood, you may need to lo... 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
With regard to diffusion vs absorption with GIK panels, it costs only a little more to hedge your bets. I was initially skeptical about diffusion, since I was trying to tame a very bright room. I ordered Alpha panels with the optional cloth finish... 
What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?
I suggest adding room treatment before doing anything else. I have an 18 x 11 x 8 room that was a sonic disaster before treatment and am now using a combination of diffusion and absorption. The treatment makes the room behave as if much larger tha...