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Where can I get Eldar's re-imagination on Vinyl
Thanks everyone. I am ordering it now. I hope he releases the rest of his CD's on vinyl too :) 
Where can I get Eldar's re-imagination on Vinyl
Eldar is Jazz He plays piano and has been called a prodigy for how amazing he can play, He has 3 CD's out on Sony and the 3rd one re-imagination is now out on Vinyl. I consider him the best piano player around even know he is now just 21. 
adding a preamp?
If you intend on buying a separate amp later then getting a pre to start is fine. but if your plans are to keep the current amp, I would leave it alone and look at other components to upgrade. Don't know what other equipment you have but maybe spe... 
EL34 Lovers?
I am using a Heathkit AA-40, I love that amp. I like the sound of the vintage equipment. It matches my ears the best. 
Mac vs. PC differences to Airport Express?
I would use XLR first any maybe compare to see what sounds best.Jax2, I agree the more steps along the path the more chances to signal derogation. I think light pipe is less suspetable to problems than electrical signals and can cary 8 channels of... 
Mac vs. PC differences to Airport Express?
Hey Jax2, Toslink is a digital interface and is not audio it is pure digital read off the disk converted to "light pipe" and shipped out, thats it, only data ready to be read by a down stream device. Mark 
Music Servers VS Excellent Transports?
There was a great article in The Absolute Sound that said that disk drive based music servers sounded better, go ahead and read it. For me the music server has opened up my music collection. Now I hear a lot more of my collection than I ever did w... 
Mac vs. PC differences to Airport Express?
I find that the MAC is just all around better when it comes to dishing out the music. The MAC mini has an optical output that is fantastic and plugged into a good DAC is all you need. Also the Transporter is a nice solution. I tried using a PC/XP ... 
Audiophile turntables of the 60's and 70's
This is all really great stuff, Thanks everyone 
Why are hi-end active monitors not more popular?
What about vibration between amp and speaker? It's a little hard to keep the vibration out of the amp when it's in the speaker cabinet. Then you have to run power cables to the speakers. maybe not as much an issues if you are already using mono bl... 
Regards to the Rack
I think the rack can make a difference depending on your needs. Any rack with a good damping factor and ability to "drain" the energy may be of benefit to you. At one time I wanted a rixrax or symposium rack (5k), It would still be nice It's like ... 
Has anyone heard the Welborne Labs Terraplane 300B
Thanks for the heads up. It sounds like it could be dicey trying to get one with success. 
SET intigrated amp with a phono stage?
Thanks Very Much, Audio Note must be the only company that makes amps like that. 
Mcintosh MDA 1000, world class or ..?
The MDA1000 is an amazing DAC, I have not A/B compaired it to other DAC's but have heard other DAC's and do beleave it is one of the best. Using my preamp I have done A/B compairsons with the DAC in and out and there is a hugh difference, almost a... 
Bottlehead Seduction Phono Stage question
I am also thinking about getting one. but I don't use a preamp I wonder if it has enough power to drive the amps directly, I would mod it with a volume control.Mark