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Is the NuPrime CDT 9 Pro a Best Kept Secret?
NUPRIME. has AES and i2 outputs.  using a OPPO 103 as a transport now.    
Bluesound Node 2i vs Upscale streamers
in all fairness compare the 2 streamers with both running into the same DAC  
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
the Stones, Grateful Dead had very good sound systems. top notch. the best naturally. it was so clean it did not hurt while it was damaging your hearing. the security staff would always provide me with plugs. hearing today has suffered tremendousl... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
thanks for the reply, could be that i should look at a new streamer.  friend sells Arunder.  i have an excellent Denafrips DAC and a Rega integrated, but could look into their latest offerings.  i attend the Symphony even though its a 3hr flight f... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
what do you get specifically for the extra $9500? and can a streamed file compete with say a hi-res download from Presto music?  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
i am 73 so my hearing is going.  no point in spending $10000 on a streamer.  the Node 2i is just fine.  
Made in USA
i just bought a Denafrips Pontus, made in China. best DAC i have heard. Chinese products are great for us who can not afford to be extorted by some of these American companies. i also have a place near the beach overseas that cost $400 a month. Am... 
Show off!
The Wall  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Bluesound Node 2i with an outboard DAC like the Pontus 2. its the DAC that counts.  
Audio Research i/50
for the same $$$ you can buy a Mcintosh 252  plus the MC has auto bias.  wonder how they would compare?  
Tube or solid state
i agree, miss my Audible Illusions 3a  
Tube or solid state
i think Tubes are better for Jazz and Classical music like Vaughn Williams string works where you can recreate that ethereal sound you get with a live symphony. for Rock its solid state all the way, so ideally 2 amps are needed.  
Dual mono integrated amps
what was it that you liked about the Primare over the Kinki you liked?  
Dual mono integrated amps
take a look at the Kinki EM1  
Birthday DAC
Denafrips Pontus 2, loving it.