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What area or country do you live in ?
Boston, MA 
My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum
Schiit Yggdrasil -- 21 bit?
The guy who invented the motorcycle. 
Kronos vs TW Acoustic
I went from a TW Acustic Raven One to a Kronos Pro Limited.┬áNight and day difference. 
Comparing the Pass Labs XA30.5 to the XA 30.8
Congrats. I'm sure you will love it.If you think the 30.8's were tough, try a pair of 160.8's! 
Line Preamp Pass XP 20 or VTL 6.5 Signature
Maybe you're reacting to solid state versus tubes. Tubes typically emphasize the midrange over a more linear presentation. 
Phono Stage Pass XP 15 VS Aesthetix Rhea
Very different products. One is tube, one is solid state. I would choose based on that. 
Wilson Alexia 20x15 Room
I'll put in my 2 cents. I'm going to try and be objective and fair here (even though like everyone I have my biases).I just sold my Alexias. Before that I owned Sashas (and still own Sophia 2's in my home theater).My friend owns Vandersteen 5A's w... 
Pass Labs Amp X350.5 or X350.8 anyone compare?
When I first upgraded from XA160.5's to XA160.8's I did think the highs were subdued. So did at least one of my audiophile friends, who told me he preferred the highs from the .5's but overall preferred the .8's because it had more 'meat on the bo... 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
Does the Lampi sound like a typical tube product - i.e. thick & textured, focusing more midrange than frequency extension? 
Which Pre-Amp Pass Labs or Audio Research
It all depends what type of sound you like. Pass is clean and timbre-accurate and very neutral.AR has tubes and adds harmonics and bloom but timbre isn't accurate - it has more of a whitish sound, but beautiful just the same.Personally I prefer th... 
What's the best EL34 amp besides 8b?
Doshi Jhor 
Who did hear the new Pass Labs .8 series amps?
I have the XA160.8's (to potentially replace my 160.5's).They are very different from the .5's. Much deeper bass, thicker presentation. Much darker sounding overall.Mine have about 280 hours on them and may not be fully broken in. 
Transparent interconnects burn in time? If any?
Absolutely.It's a roller coaster ride for the first week. 
Wilson Alexia - what's the competition
I also agree that Vandy 7's, Vivid G3's, Rockport Aviors all deserve a listen.