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Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
I think the advent of streaming services has indeed helped to expose older listeners to new music…That’s been my experience at 66 yrs. old anyway.  I recently put together a playlist on Tidal that I entitled “Modern Music that Paw Paw Likes” 😂.  N... 
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
FWIW, I’ve felt like the sound quality of my bought-brand-new-in-1978 Pioneer SX-1250 was bettered - significantly -  by every successive move to a newer amp I’ve made since 1986.  In order, and (as always) to my ears, the 1986 Denon 90 wpc integr... 
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
My experience with Tidal vs. Apple Music is pretty much the same as the OP’s.  I could easily live with an Apple subscription if that was the only one available but I preferred Tidal hands down.  Haven’t tried Qobuz yet but hope to in the next yea... 
Songs of debauchery and excess
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers - ZZ Top  
Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?
Up until today, 12/1/2022, the “Congrats, Google User…” pop up rendered Audiogon unusable for me.  This had gone on 3 or 4 days…  
Front Wall with Full length Workbench Shelf
I must plead guilty to trying for all the audio nirvana I can eek out of this very imperfect space…lol.  I’ve spent a chunk of time trial-and-erroring absorptive DIY wall treatments to the end result that this system has gone from “a little too br... 
Front Wall with Full length Workbench Shelf
@Russ69 It started out a combo light duty wood shop and art studio that’s transitioning to a light duty art studio and listening area.  
Has anyone truly compared Vintage vs. Modern?
FWIW, I had the SX-1250 for seven years being bought brand new in 1977 and it was paired with JBL L65 speakers which are still in daily use after refoaming/maintenance in the late 1990s. Each successive newer amp I’ve had with my L65s has struck m... 
Trios “Chapel” Live - Lloyd, Frisell, Morgan
@ sgordon1, that sounds spot on as to what I’m hearing.  
BluSound Node and Node 2
Every so often, my BluOS app refuses to find my Node 2i for a day or so. Ethernet cable connections from modem to grid “pod” (eero) to Node…..so far, it’s always resolved itself - mysteriously - within 24 hours. Aside from that, I really love the ... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Sterling Home Electronics in Houston.  Got a Teac A-450 cassette deck there in 1975.  
Does dose anyone see these speakers in real?
Exhibit #23: ”…The FBI took the tanks and flapper assemblies back with them to Quantico for analysis…”  
What are some of the mistakes, failures or bad purchases of your audio history?
Going back aways here,… the Terk Pi amplified FM antenna. I got better reception with manufacturer included “T” wires tacked on the wall.  
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
Klipschorns & properly matched, flea watt tube amplification in a room designed specifically for them…vs….Apogee Scintillas with no compromise amplification in a tailor made listening environment all source components identical How I would l... 
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
Loved my Teac reel to reel (X7-R).  If it would’ve been a car, it would’ve had 500,000 miles on the odometer before it gave up the ghost.  Loved everything about having a reel to reel during the ‘80s, …going thru the motions of threading a reel up...