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Avalon Eidolon Vision
Thanks Johnsonwu. Is there any modification is needed if replace the tweeter with the diamond one?      
egglestonworks viginti
May I have more comment from you please?  
Gruensch power amplifier
I’m using their Gruensch MCS phono amp, head to head to the new Goldmund NectGen phono amp, the MCS is the best!   
Anyone heard the MIT Oracle V2.2 spkr cbl upgrade?
Wondering if still good to get a pair of Oracle V2.2 speaker cable? Will the dot 2 better then the 1.1?  
Review: Convergent Audio JL-2 Tube amp
Just acquired a very good condition used JL2 Sig II, the best amp in my life so far :-) 
Audio Research Reference Linestages
Hi Flex, it’s been awhile for this topic, are you still using Reference 1?lawrence  
Counterpoint SA-11 Manual
Hello I also got a SA11 but want to replace the face plate to silver, Is there anyone willing to exchange please? 
Most transparent power amp
Oh yes, David Berning, I have seen the EA2101 squire some years ago, are they any good? 
Mini-monitors $5,000 - $10,000
I bought the Duke 2, these are the best of the best! Will update the photos. 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
As a long term advocate of Wilson speakers, it all come to your music preference, to be frank, Wilson is not good at reproducing Classical, String, chamber music, no matter what amp you have connected, the sound is harsh, Hi tone and low tone was ... 
Pass Labs XONO's hum sound
Problem solved by separating both the main & power unit (do not stack). 
Egglestonworks Andra III vs Wilson Sasha
I have auditioned the Eggleston and found it produce very realistic piano sound, IMHO, Sasha have better dynamic and transparent sounding. 
WP 7 or Totem Wind or AZ Crescendo or ????
WP7 is way to go :) 
Playback Designs MPD3 or Simaudio 650d
Even I haven't heard the Simaudio, I still would go for the Playback Designs, Mr.Kosch has done the magic and believed they have the top notch technology, BTW, I'm a happy owner of a MPS3. 
Playback Designs
Bill,Will that noisy issue also happens in 5 ?