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^THIS^  Roon diagnostics is the direct route to an answer.  Roon 1.8 would not cause only your Nucleus to crash.  Mine was an M2 drive problem as well.  I could have guessed and fiddled instead, but Roon support found the problem. 
Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass
Tight or loose bass has nothing whatsoever to do with the DAC.  It has to do with whether the amplifier has enough damping factor to make the woofer cone's movement accurately conform to the electrical input.  Bass speakers with high inertia (mass... 
Dedicated power
High current 120 VAC equipment exists to service the RV industry among others.  Here is a 30A outlet and there are 50A outlets as well if you want to overkill the overkill.  An audiophools' imagination is a wonderful thing. 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
The 1099 only reports proceeds.  Proceeds minus basis  = profit (loss) on the item.  The problem with the sale of personal property is that not to many people keep evidence of their basis in everything they own.  Making this worse, you have to dec... 
Point of higher priced streamer?
All of the high-zoot streamers sound just like the inexpensive ones, but if you add a $600 power cord to ANY of them it takes them to the next level.  And, oh my, what an audipphile ethernet cable will do for them. 
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
To borrow a phrase from Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "A system is perfect not when nothing else can be added but when nothing else can be taken away."I have gotten my best results, and only recently, with simplicity.  A Roon pi-based streamer; i2s to... 
How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs)
If there was an Army Field Manual on it, it would say that Soldier B would grab the other handle and up the stairs the two of you would go.  The good sense civilian approach would, it seems, be similar. 
Lifetime Roon is a go - alternative to Roon Nucleus
Every NUC I have taken apart has a fan. Such as... http://https//  
Lifetime Roon is a go - alternative to Roon Nucleus
You are missing a pretty and fanless case.  Some people are averse enough to DIY to pay the freight.  Others think they will get better sound.  Don't go overboard on the size of your M.2 drive thinking that you can store music there.  You cannot. 
Thinking about getting a R2R DAC
No, it is true to itself.  It is a caricature of the real world. 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
God bless Ken Fritz.  What an amazing journey in the hobby.  Most of us have spent the same amount of time buying things and starting over.  He knew what he wanted and had the skill and determination to get there.Good on him. 
LittelFuses Series 285 AUDIO/MEDICAL Quality
Abraham Lincoln once said "If you are arguing with an idiot on the internet, make sure that he isn't doing the same thing." 
Upside-Down IEC Adaptor?
You can re-terminate the cable... There are many different adapters that re-orient the cable up, down, left, or right.  I've never seen one that reverses it, but the length of the adapter would likely... 
What do you think of this power cord?
Grounding is a safety consideration.  Do what the manufacturer and the NEC recommend regarding grounding.  Your electric power runs miles over aluminum wire.  At your house it changes to copper.  Normal builder grade copper Romex - anywhere from a... 
Game Changing Tweak
He raises his voice when he should reinforce his argument.