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DIY Interconnects review
Thread of the year! Wow!Rufus 
Melissa Manchester - An old friend revisited
Count me in the MM club. Love that voice!Rufus 
Have you seen the VR9SE Review?
Mike,An extremely thoughtful and well-composed article. I await a future review about your next speakers with anticipation.Regards,Rufus 
Best Brandenburg Concerto recording CD
If you are auditioning only the tweeters of the speakers, then by all means choose from the above. If you want to hear some mids and bass as well (ie. the “whole” speaker), then try Benjamin Britten's recordings with the ECO on Decca. Karl Richter... 
Hammond transformer vibrates......ALOT
Sounds like a good party game to me!Rufus 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
“Blacker than black background!”(Huh? Did Newton miss something?)Rufus 
How can power cords make a difference?
There is always the next time.Rufus 
How can power cords make a difference?
What they do is separate the good electricity from the bad. A sort of St. Peter’s Pearly Gates or Santa’s list, if you will.If they are too short (now we know), then some of the nasty electricity gets through and invades your precious equipment. T... 
I love this hobby-
Double fault! 
Building your own high end turntable stand?*15729&productId=10351Have a TNT V on it and added two solid shelves below for extra space. S... 
Is this the future of the next CD player
Does it come with a phono input? 
do blind tests have any practical significance
Ask Oedipus. Now, that guy had PRAT. 
what is an audiophile ?
An audiophile is a person who got kicked off the debate and chess teams in HS because he was too, too nerdy. 
El Chupacabra Cables, silver interconnects
Compound name:CHUPA = to suck (as from a straw or a nipple)CABRA = a calfEvita, recommend a change to: ERR. (Estoy Riendo Ruidosamente)Per Google, the “dreaded beast” has also been spotted in no one’s safe!Frankly, considering the pl... 
Which Magnepans 3.5 or 1.6?
A good compromise would be the 2.5.5?(Sorry!) If bass reproduction is important to you, then the 3.5. If you listen only to the Vienna Boy Choir (albeit, sans organ accompaniment) or are a fan of the solo violin/flute/piccolo repertory then, by al...