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Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
Only my insurance company.  
What's it worth to you?
Unintentionally some of my LPs are worth thousands.  It was a complete accident.  
Balanced vs. Single Ended Interconnects
A balanced vs single ended cable, both being of similar CONFIGURATION, will transmit the waveform with identical defeciencies, therefore sound the same.  The balanced cable however will show a +6 dB gain over the other.  There is also some immunit... 
Are advances in technology making speakers better?
The quality of materials has improved markedly, but the philosophy of physics determining good speaker design remains conflicting among manufacturers.  Therefore what to believe is lost to the consumer.  Shortening this complex topic to cardinal ... 
Share your ‘I MacGyver’d it’ solutions
MacGyver Revisited Use of a pneumatic suspension is popular in the industry.  However this is seldom, if at all, properly implemented.  Overlooked is taking into account the suspended weight and the spring rate of the suspension component.  This ... 
To couple, or not to couple, that is the question
With well-designed speakers, if there is no acoustic data conveyed through the cabinet, so why is there some "decoupling" need?  This is an aesthetic marketing tool.  It is expected.  On the flip side, nothing is perfect, so there remains some sou... 
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
Fact is, it is rare that reproduced and live sound is nearly identical. Once a system accomplishes this the experience is spellbinding (big understatement).  I read many reactions to thisr post, who "believed" this not possible. But this is a clea... 
Is a femto clock important if you aren't using asynch USB?
Interesting to take the wav file from a CD/DVD and look at it in an editor.  Most are clipped at 0 or -1 dB.  This is a bad practice.   
Room correction room system vs ears….
Keep your wall treatments 4" suspended from the wall.  Often overlooked.   
Grounding Question
As mentioned, a star ground for all components is recommended. In reality, trial and error may reveal less groud loop hum with some components not connected.  It becomes more magic than science, the scientific reason being discovered after the fac... 
Microphonic from Vacuum Tubes?
If tubes are arcing, rap on them with a screwdriver.  Try to reproduce it    
Microphonic from Vacuum Tubes?
When capacitors go bad.  Could be anywhere as the noise also travels back to the PS if common to both channels.  Hard to troubleshoot sorry.  
Cable burn in
The AC based audio signal degausses any residual polarization that might be attributed to cable break in.  Sorry about that.  Spend a hundred dollars and get a LCR meter.  Measure your cables.  You will then discover where your harshness comes fr... 
Cost break down of hifi system
Never have seen such poor advice.  Take some time off and study the science.  
Upsampling, Can there be too much?
To answer your question directly, on the most analytical equipment, 192/24 is exceptionally hard to beat.  So when I am recording LPs, I stop there.  I have two albums however that run right over 96K without stopping, so obviously the above is no...