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Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
No one remembers Ivor Tiefenbrun, founder of Linn, "Garbage in, garbage out"?  You can't improve what you don't get/can't get rid of any added distortions from what comes off the record, cd etc.  I've found that as I've upgraded my source, I get m... 
Phono Stage, Tonearm, Cartridge Question - Which is the most important?
The record is the most important!  
What do you all think of ADS/Braun speakers?
I had a pair of mint condition L420s that I gave to a very good friend of my son's.  I always had a love/hate relationship with them, finding them to be hard sounding in the upper midrange/treble.  He was very happy to have a pair of vintage speak... 
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
I think the best way to decide how you like any new component is to live with it for a while.  If you don't like it, it will become obvious quickly.  If it's close, you can go back and forth and compare.  Play lots of different music- see if you e... 
upgrade path from my current speakers? (Dynaudio Special Forty)
Multiple Youtube reviewers, including Steve Guttenberg, tout the Buchardt S400 MK II  as a world beating stand mount speaker in the same class as Dynaudio, but here it is rarely mentioned.  Any ideas?  
Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts
I think it's because now many people think they know everything about things they know very little about, and feel a need to broadcast their poorly informed opinions.  The relative lack of legitimate information, and preponderance of poor informat... 
Share the songs that move you (from musicals).
Oops, I forgot Sunday (Sunday In The Park With George) by Sondheim!  
Share the songs that move you (from musicals).
For starters, how about the Kern/Hammerstein and Rogers/Hammerstein songs, many of them prospective love songs: Make Believe (Show Boat) Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific) If I Loved You (Carousel) Something Wonderful, I Have Dreamed (The ... 
Old CD player back from the dead—prompting many questions!
@patrickdowns  Sorry, I know this is off topic, but I am interested in the difference between the Sig IIIs and Treos.  What is causing you to consider upgrading?  Thanks very much, KB  
Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
jasonbourne71 appears to be a hideous, miserable deaf person in his late 90s, whose only role in life is ruining things for others.  It makes me angry every time I read one of his posts, and I sincerely wish he would just go away.    
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
U2- The Joshua Tree (available as a 40th anniversary 2lp set) Richard and Linda Thompson- Shoot Out The Lights The Smiths- The Queen Is Dead  
Inexpensive streaming amplifier
I'd like to thank everyone for their responses; I should have been more specific about budget, because we were hoping to keep it under $300.  I just bought the Arylic A50+ (thank you @nkphoto), which should work well for her (Apple music and TV). ... 
Inexpensive streaming amplifier
Thank you very much for the (near unanimous) replies!  KB  
So This Really Is The End....
So no one wishes to empathize with the poster that his favorite record store/hangout for the past 47 years is closing?  I sure have been bummed when local audio and record stores have shut down!  I still miss visiting Tower Records every time I wa... 
Advice on how to liquidate system
Have you been evaluated by an ENT for this condition?  There may be treatment options if seen immediately.  Also, several weeks is far to short a time to decide whether you'll improve.  I've been told in the past that conditions I've had would not...