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R&B recording with analog like sound but on CD?
Yo!, If you like 70-80's oldies, try any of the 20th Century Masters Collections,Anthologies or Funk Essentials(Chronicals)Re-Masters. They normally have the best sound. Rhino re-masters are hit/miss. 
musical subwoofer recommendation for 2-ch
You should also consider the James EMB's. Musical and speed are their virtue. 
Does Rotel RCD 1072 Sound Better than RCC 1055
Plangco,Do you have 1 of the RDV models?, I would love to know the difference between the 1055 and perhaps the RDV1060 with CD playback. 
DIY Interconnects review
This is an awesome post. The insight and knowledge gained is priceless. Hats off JD. Well done!! 
Amp Question Please advise
Antman,I had a similar Paradigm setup in a 13x23x8 room with a Yamaha rec. similar in features to your Denon. Everything sounded lifeless and dead until I ran a 5 ch. amp to the reciever main outs, all listening levels greatly improved. I suggest ... 
Power Cord for Digital
Robert,If you went with a VH audio Flavor 3, It would be hard pressed to beat at 2-3 times its price/performance ratio. Specially made for digital components,12ga and a great value. 
RX-V750 or RX-V1400 for my new speakers
Rx-v1400:It will give you better sonics, more audio/ht set-up options, more power when needed. Considered 1 of Yamaha's best ever considering price/value/ratio. 
Did anyone have the Polk audio LS speakers?
I still own LS50's that i enjoy, but again as above, the vandy's are in another league altogether. BTW, the matching looks great. 
alternative to speaker stand spikes?
Another good alternative are spike footers. audio advisor is 1 source. 
Product to fill up speaker/audio stands and racks
Very Fine grade of steel shot, easily acquired at gun shops or steel blast, very resonant and mass heavy. 
Processor hunt....does this animal exist??
Have you ever tried the Anthems ? 
Monarchy DIP Question
Something sounds defective, Try calling Monarchy for the best assistance. 650-873-3055. 
Music with good gospel choir
This also might be far in 1 direction, but he is very good. Richard Smallwood. His recent christian gospel live recordings feature choirs and symphony orchestras. 
Polk RTi10 vs. Paradigm Studio 20 or Mini Monitor
Hey,Since you like all 3 choices, How about letting the wife go along on a listening and decor audition,all 3 can be a good match for the yamaha, but a sub and quality stands would be needed for the monitors. 
Big Stupid Warm Speakers
The new polk lsi series might be your answer, the floorstander models seem to be more refined versions of the older ls70's/90's from about 10-15years back.