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Good fix-- Have you scratched the wood on your Cornwall IVs?
@stereo5 Why are you selling? 
Bluesound Node 2i vs Upscale streamers
Ziggy. I would look at a Lumin Product aka U1 Mini 
Amp recommendations for Hifiman HE1000 V2
iFi Pro iCan  
Puritan PSM156
@jriggy I had asked my dealer for advice on a power conditioner and he had a used AQ Niagara 5000 which I was considering, but he said the Puritan would be better. He said he can't keep them in stock they are selling so fast. I shouldn't have an i... 
Puritan PSM156
@jriggy I just purchased Puritan as well. Would my system be resolving enough??*New McIntosh C8/Mcintosh MA6600(used as power amp), Lumin T2, Rega P8, Focal Kanta No.2 
A non-subjective recommendation for the Puritan PSM156
I just took the plunge and have a Puritan 156 arriving today. Dealer in Chicago said he's selling 4/5 a week.. 
Integrated amp choice. Ayre AX5 Twenty vs Mark Levinson 585
I'm thinking of selling my 702S2 for used 805D3 and adding a sub. I will be driving them with McIntosh MA6600. Anyone here go from 700 series to 800? Thoughts? 
KEF LS50 Wireless -- wow!!!
@arafiq  Do you still feel the KEF sound better than your CM10S2?I ask because I have B&W 702S2 powered by McIntosh MA6600 and while the KEF LS50 are really great (I have them in another setup), they can't hold a candle to the 702s. So, I was ... 
Phono Stage for KEF LS50 Wireless. Ideas? Recommendations?
I'm using Yaqin MS33B with Project Debut Carbon Espirit with just the LSX wireless and it sounds damn good. 
Metrum Acoustics has my headphone amp. How do I get them to give it back?
 It's not surprising considering the economic crisis the whole world is in. Add to that Cees leaving to form another company...Was it Anjo who reached out to you?  
Metrum Ambre Owners !!! HELP
The Ambre is great. There isn't much to setup in Roon, just go with the defaul settings.  
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
Well, this thread was interesting to say the least. Lot of talk about USB, but I didn't mention that in my post and that has no baring on my decision considering it's not usually the best connection to begin with.I went with a Lumin T2...Cheers. 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
I'm sure it won't sound better that's how I would just use it as a streamer, but it would be fun to compare as well. I'm only considering it because it's cheaper than the mini.The Ambre is really good, i just want spotify among other aps and yes I... 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
Right on. I may just have to pull the trigger on that.How familiar are you with Lumin products? I enjoy the Metrum and tried a Mytek Brookyln for a short time but found it too be too bright/clinical sounding. But as most of us in this hobby, it's ... 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
@dznutz  Would it be silly to get a D2 and use as a streamer? There's one on Audiogon for $1750 right now. I see it has a BNC/Coax.