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Does sound travel better at night?
Only if your Clever lil Clock is set to "PM" not "AM" in which case it will sound better in the morning. 
Speaker cables being pricier than main speakers
Why Valhalla? There are dozens of speaker cables priced far less that will outperform Valhalla whose primary strength is tremendous marketing. 
i'm looking for a dull 12ax7 and 12au7, ideas?
EH tubes are far from dull. In fact they will actually give you the polar opposite of what you're looking to do. EH tubes in general tend to be edgy or grainy with good tubed equipment and they are priced accordingly. Try some older Mullards or Br... 
Krell KAV-400xi or Bryston B100 SST ?
Pick your poison. 
Are some tracks impossible to track?
The JMW-9 is not a particularly good tonearm so it is not unusual for occasional mistracking. 
Best bass response in a $1500 pair monitor?
>Are these as high quality as B&W 800 series<I wouldn't use the 800 series as my standard. Thankfully most good speaker manufacturers don't. 
Listening Fatique- componet or speaker issue.
Your source and speakers are the most likely cause of listener fatigue. Check out any B&W for more than an hour and you'll understand speaker fatigue. 
Help me shorten my list...
>>I'd cross off the BW 703s and suggest the 805 Signatures<<I'd cross off the 805 as well. 
Opinions on the Oracle Delphi V's performance?
The Delphi Mark V bests the Scoutmaster in every respect. Besides if you buy the Scoutmaster, you're stuck with that awful JMW-9 tonearm. 
Most Overated Floor Standing Speaker Up to 15KPair
B&W 801, 802, and 803. $15K can get you much sweeter sonics than these. 
Hey, we don't get no respect
It isn't the $12,000 that's outrageous; it's that CNBC chose to highlight a lowlife speaker line. I guess that speaks to the low ratings CNBC books. 
Folk/Rock choices that are well recorded
If you can find original pressings of the first 3 Peter, Paul, and Mary albums on Warner Brothers with the gold label (later pressings are green) you'll be amazed at the clarity and dynamics. I'm not saying I'm that old but I've been told this is ... 
Classe CA-200 and B&W 805N combo??
>>and the treble is cutting through my ears<<B&W house sound. Get used to it or sell. It doesn't get any better. 
Kubala-Sosna Cables..... I don't get it ?????
Garebear don't jump to conclusions. I have heard them and alongside Stealth Indra they finished right where they belong. In a far distant second place. How do you like me now?:-) 
Kubala-Sosna Cables..... I don't get it ?????
Lots of hype. Nice product but no better than a handful of similarly priced products. We heard the same crap when the HT Cyberlights, Cerious ceramic, and any PAD new releases are announced. All are for sale at low prices now that "the thrill is g...