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$20k top, full range speakers?
I had the Genesis 5.3's before the Kef 207/2's: the Kefs are much better, in my opinion. 
$20k top, full range speakers?
My Kef 207/2's are my destination speakers (after Dynaudio, Meadowlark, Genesis, and a few others), and they are very musical across the full range, and do indeed sound excellent at low levels. Also they have a very large "sweet spot" and sound go... 
Kleos Sibilance
I've had my Kleos for three months and like other cartridges, I would give it 50hrs to settle in before making any judgments. I track at 1.77 with the arm (Graham Phantom 2) perfectly level and have no sibilance issues. I find it to be a very accu... 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
1.There are always at least two A'goners waiting for me to list an item for sale, so that they can list the same item for less at the same time.2.Most items for sale on A'gon have the magical quality of staying "new' or "like new" or "still in the... 
Bach: Six Suites Unaccompanied For Cello
I own and enjoy both the Starker and Rostropovich, both excellent, but if you really want to enjoy yourself, get a copy of Edgar Meyer playing these suites on the double bass: very musical, but a very different tonal quality. 
Is the Lyra Klios out in the states yet.
Theo, I have my Kleos mounted on a Graham Phantom II. My turntable is an Immedia RPM2 which I've had for years. I'm tracking at 1.7 grams after a bit of experimentation. The TItan is a fine cartridge for sure, but to my ear, the Kleos is quieter a... 
Is the Lyra Klios out in the states yet.
I've used the new Lyra Kleos for about 2 months now, and it is quite wonderful: very musical, with a good balance between detail and warmth. I've had Helikon, and Titan, and I do believe this to be superior to both (and at a very fair price). It i... 
SS integrated amp that has tube like qualities
If you can find a Dartzeel Integrated you won't be dissappointed. I replace my VAC Phi Beta integrated and prefer the Dartzeel sound (and dependability). Good luck. 
What speaker for being close to rear wall?
I have KEF207/2's and they do just fine close to the rear wall. They are also remarkable speakers (see Stereophile review). Good luck@ 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
Patricia Barber 
"NEWEST'" Favorite album
I and Love and You: The Avett Brothers (get it in vinyl if you can). Also I agree that the new Peter Gabriel and Arcade Fire albums are really fine. 
John Prine
Prine is one of our finest singer/songwriters. I've seen him live many times since 1970, and he always gives a great performance. His distinctive voice changed dramatically after his successful battle with throat cancer a few years ago, but still ... 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Blossom Dearie 
Wadia 170i linked to Esoteric UX-1
Thanks for responding. Since I want to keep the UX-1 (it was modded by David Schulte), I guess I'll just add an independent DAC. Enjoy the music!Joe 
Dimple in speaker driver cone
Make sure there is no one else in the room and gently suck on it. I know that this sounds ridiculous and I am leaving myself wide-open for major A'gon teasing, but it really worked for me on my old Dynaudios.