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Holo Audio May DAC
20 days and my KTE is really singing and opening up nicely. Great purchase. Thanks all your assistance/encourgment in my process.My question?? I'm consoldating my wired Network backbone to repourpse a closet and putting a gigabit 8 port hub, cable... 
Sugden LA-4 review....the missing link
Selling the Mercury? 
recommendation for stereo tube amplifier for Marten Bird 2 speakers other than EAR....
Look for a used Music Reference RM-200. Great sounding amp that is  built like a tank and sounds great. 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
jim2, Yea, JA Perspectives would load into my room Perfectly. They are actually smaller cabinet than VSM. Not worried about the size... Just a different flavor than the Merlin. I Took 2 asprins to see if this helps the fever! :-)  We shall see. 
Whats the FATTEST sounding Tube amp to warm up Lean speakers?
Hey Tubegroover, great to hear from you! All good here less that "bug" I have to try the Joseph Audio Perspectives in my set up. This will probably pass as they fortunately/unfortunately (take your pick) seldom come onto the used market. I'll take... 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
Hwy jim2,Possibility.... Will keep you posted. :-) 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
I'm toying with a purchase of pair  Joseph Audio Perspectives to replace my Merlin Black Magics.I've heard the speaker at 3 or 4 audio shows and have a friend who has a pair in a moderate sized room 22x15 and is getting great sound. He's driving t... 
Whats the FATTEST sounding Tube amp to warm up Lean speakers?
I'm probably one of the former JE 100 mono users that tubegroover is speaking about. I owned RM9 Mk1(serial 016) from late 80's until early late 90's. Roger updated it and I was quote happy. RM9 Mk1.5 was an excellent match wit the Merlins in ever... 
Subwoofer experience with for Joseph Audio Pulsar
mark,Thanks. Can you tell how where you blended the sub & satallites.Thanks,Jim 
Why are so many companies like harbeth making old speakers designs and charging thousends?
Because they can.... 
Paint for Merlin Vsm Mme speakers
Gary,No problem. Rich is one of the great guys to deal with in the high end biz and very knowledegable with all things Merlin.Jim 
Paint for Merlin Vsm Mme speakers
Call Rich Bkrich  @Signature Sound  (315) 622-4137. He may have some info/suggestion for you. 
Merlin TSM-M (MXE) Owners manual
I've known Rich @Signature Sound since his days as a writer @Positive Feedback and the very, very early Merlin Music days.   Rich not only was a good friend and confidant of Bobby, but a dealer that was intimately involved with the design and exec... 
To Cat sl1 owners: which tube amp?
Music Reference RM-200T. KT88 based and can drive difficult loads. 
Tube Amp for Martin Logan Speakers
Music Reference RM200. Amazing hybrid amp can drive low impedance no problem.