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Questions about Resolving Systems
Wow, just came back to the question that I posed yesterday. Thanks for all the feedback, I will need to take some time to to review all this.  
2000s Home Theater
You’re Krell has surround sound analog inputs (7.1) from what I can tell. Those inputs were made so that your Krell wouldn’t become completely obsolete. Now is the time to utilize those inputs (in my opinion). You would need a Blu-Ray Player th... 
Questions about an AVR
As far as I know, the specific surround sound formats that you are referring to: DTS HD-Master and Dolby TrueHD is only available on Blu-Ray Discs (I could be wrong about that, I did a quick search to see what surround sound formats streaming serv... 
Comparing Phono Pre-Amps
Well I ordered the Schitt Sys. I will see how that works out.  
Comparing Phono Pre-Amps
Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of doing quick comparisons and then taking that information to do more long term listening and narrow down what I really like.  
Comparing Phono Pre-Amps
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I might try the cable route. For the ground, can I simply send the ground to each phono-preamp or just to 1 one of them? This really is just for comparison reasons not a permanent solution. Thnx    
Question about Active Bi-amping
If I were to consider new speakers or additional speakers, Pearl Acoustics Sibelius or Omega Speakers have caught my attention. The Omega line of Speakers seem more affordable also and look like quality Speakers. I think either brand would match ... 
Female vocalist recommendations
As mentioned twice before, I am going to give the recommendation of Katie Melua. I just literally came across this artist just a few weeks ago by accident really and so glad I found out about her. Immediately I ordered her CD, Ultimate Collectio... 
Question about Active Bi-amping
@gdnrbob , Hey no worries. That's why I posed the question, to see if it's even really worth it. The Logan's sound good, I was just curious to see if I could squeeze out a little more from them.  
Question about Active Bi-amping
@jasonbourne52 , Thanks for the feedback. What speakers would you suggest? Here is some of the equipment that I am working with currently: - Sugden A21SE Integrated - Vincent SV-500 Integrated Going back and forth on the Integrated's to see wh... 
Question about Active Bi-amping
Thanks everyone for your feedback, I will review the info that you have provided. @ditusa , right now I am just contemplating and researching the topic. I have Martin Logan Motion 40's and wouldn't mind getting more performance out of them.  
Preamp Suggestions
Vincent SA-32 https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=VISA32  
Question about Shipping
Thanks for all the feedback guys, appreciate it!  
Testing for Dirty Electrical Power
@bmontani and @jmkrajnik, regarding Power Regeneration, you're referring to a device similar to what PS Audio sells, for example?  
Question about Shipping
Thanks for this feedback, this helps. When I talked to Fedex today, they stated that if a product goes missing or damaged, they try to find the same product for sale or something similar and what ever price they come across, that is what they rei...