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Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
Fritz Carerra BE Speakers.....best stand mount I have ever owned and I have had a lot.   Fritz Carrera BE Specifications (fritzspeakers.com)    
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
Hi Teajay, thanks for the heads up on this CODA. How would you say it compares to the Pass XA-25 ? I know you mentioned in the past that you thought it was the best of the pass labs amps. Would a move from the XA-25 to the CODA be more of a sidewa... 
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49 I see that you have had the MHDT Toucan.  What was your opinion of it compared to the other MHDT dacs you have owned.  I have owned the pagoda in the past and switched to the YGGY Less is More Dac which I love, but lately I have been thin... 
Pass Labs 1st Watt Rundown
Steve Guttenberg did a video comparing a number of First Watt Amps and the Pass Labs XA-25.   Link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OppGU7SJnuY      
Fritz Speakers
I was more the satisfied with the bass from my Fritz Carrera BE speakers but then I added 2 rel t/7x subs and could not believe it.  Bass is incredible but what is even better is that the midrange and soundstage seems wider and deeper.  Once prope... 
Pro-Ject RS2 CD Transport  
Storage boxes. Can I discard high end shipping boxes, and still sell in the future?
Don't get rid of the factory boxes.....there are a lot of people that will refuse to consider buying used equipment without the factory box....unless it is sold at a big discount.  If you need service work some companies require you to send your u... 
Fritz Speakers
I have the Fritz Carrera BE speakers.  They are the best low volume speaker I have owned.  I can't imagine ever selling these speakers...they are just that good.   
Speaker Cables for FRITZ Carbon 7 SE mk2
I have Fritz Carrera BE Speakers and use a full loom of Triode Wire Labs cables. I had mogami and analysis plus solo crystal oval 8 prior.  In my system and to my ears the TWL cables are perfect for these speakers.  I also am running a XA-25 with ... 
Warm and accurate bookshelves that can handle volume
Fritz Carrera BE.  An incredible speaker and really nice guy that builds them.  
Experience with Black Cat and/or Triode lab Wires
I have a full loom of Triode Wire Labs cables. They replaced a loom of cables that was 4x the price. The TWL cables are the best cables I have ever had in my system. They are very transparent with an incredible midrange, sweet highs that are never... 
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
Audiotroy does not hide the fact that they are a dealer.  Dealers can offer insight, have experience with different products and are exposed to things we are not. I want to hear from people/dealers with that experience. Dealers that put themselves... 
Fritz Carrera BE. Incredible standmount speaker.....Frankly, I am certain every Fritz Model will sound great.        
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Seems silly but I will say Fritz Carerra BE.  Have heard standmounts in shows that cost well over 20k that are bested by the Fritz.  Just had to throw Fritz in the running just to get people to look more at his speakers.  He is the nicest guy you ... 
Bluesound node + INNUOS PHOENIX USB? 
The answer to your question is No you will not get better sound quality putting a $3k reclocker on a $500 streamer.