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Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
I use ASL Ki22 Fox integrated amp. I compared it to other integrated or separate amps but the ASL is still with me after many years. 22W/channel, 6C33C power tubes, 6SN7s - both are still available as military spec or NOS for tube rolling. I recap... 
Speakers for a unique small room
Bryston BDA-3.14?
Thank you for the link,yyzsantabarbara, I'll check it out.  
Bryston BDA-3.14?
I just recently got the BDA 3.14 and it's frustrating. It sounds great using the HDMI connected Oppo as a streamer and as a CD/SACD player. But I was hoping to use it as a streamer directly. The Pi just does not work for me.The control applicatio... 
B&W Help... tweeter problems!
OP, did you find new Sig tweeters? Or how did you solve the problem? Rebuilt them? LMK, thanks!  
Let me end the Premp/Amplifier sound debate ...
toddalin I can hear the difference on my PC speakers, good job with the presentation. And I like Heil AMTs, very smooth and easy to listen to.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
@dadork I agree with @grannyring and congratulate you on your success. There are many like you, proud to get out of poverty and we need more like you, not government dependency.  
Big source improvement using CD player
I have an Oppo 105 with extensive modifications by EVS. I used Tidal at the highest resolution. I compared the same recordings on CD and Tidal. It's easy to switch sources if you are using the same player. The Cd/Sacd/xrcd/dvd-a physical media sou... 
Choosing between floorstanding speakers.
I have the 802 S2s with upgraded crossovers and the BAF.Best speakers I ever had. They look like Darth Vader's kids, but worth it. 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
My experience matches exactly what wrenth says.Red book CDs sound better than Tidal, even Master recordings. 
Quick How to Stream MQA via Tidal to Bluesound
You need the desktop app to select the masters and add it to your favorites. No need to stay running or even the PC to stay on. 
Quick How to Stream MQA via Tidal to Bluesound
No USB, wifi stream directly from an Android app on a phone.All the masters I selected on the desktop are showing up on the Android phone and I can play them on the Oppo. 
Quick How to Stream MQA via Tidal to Bluesound
This works on an OPPO 105d player too. 
Selling speakers to a buyer in Russia?
mountainsong - Prague is in Czech Republic, another world completely  
Is it possible for the center image to drift from lp to lp?
Similar experience with CD and SACD. SACD's center almost always shifts to the right. My guess is that my right ear is more sensitive to higher frequencies. But that's just a guess. I just move the chair a little.