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What next after Lumin T2
Off subject a little, but I have an opportunity to purchase a lumin t2 at a large discount. Should I be concerned that it is old technology getting phased out? I would hate to purchase something for it to just be obsolete or not have the ability t... 
Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?
I have found that car care products work great. I actually put a coat of wax on my gloss speakers at first and to remove dust I use a quick detail spray and microfiber cloth.   
Digital front end upgrade options
Oh ,my mistake I guess I meant to say the lumin D2. I would definitely prefer a one box solution. As for the bluesound node 2i I know I would be paying for the convenience aspect of things, but going from my current set up to a bluesound node woul... 
Digital separates or all in one music hub
How do people here feel about the Lumin products such as the Lumin D2 and T2 which are both a streamer and DAC in one. 
Digital separates or all in one music hub
Sorry I should have clarified better. I agree and do not want to have a digital component with amplification. I don’t need an amplifier. But there are plenty of DAC/streamers/SACD players without amplification which is more what I was asking about... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Two major upgrades this year. The first upgrade I moved from an Onkyo receiver to a Raven Nighthawk mk3 and that made a massive difference in everything. A more well rounded sound overall. Much more detail yet more lush at the same time. the sec... 
How do you decide what your next upgrade will be?
For fun, maybe post your most recent upgrade and why you decided to go the route you did. Thanks!  
Raven Audio service - what's not to like?
That is very good to hear!so I most ask because I may do that same upgrade in the future. Could you tell any sonic improvements by upgrading the capacitors? 
Step up transformer or upgrade phono preamp?
Maybe a dumb question, but let’s say I went with an SUT. I’ve noticed that some SUT’s do not specify how much gain is added, it only shows the coil winding ratio. Is this another way of telling me how much gain would be added to the chain? And if ... 
Step up transformer or upgrade phono preamp?
Unfortunately I do not have the ability to try a SUT or a phono pre. My current phonostage only has 60db of gain and my cartridge suggests 62-64db of gain. I was looking at a rogue ares which would have plenty of gain. Do either of you have tube p... 
Who here has a Raven amplifier and what speakers do you have paired with it
willgolf, that sounds like an amazing system. I will definitely be looking into speaker isolation and some pods for my amplifier. Maybe upgrade to the Blackhawk or the osprey within a year so I can take advantage of ravens upgrade deal. I definite... 
Who here has a Raven amplifier and what speakers do you have paired with it
I love it so far. The problem is I do not have a lot of experience with different equipment so I based my system off of a lot of reviews. The problem with that is I don’t know if I’m missing out or not beings that I haven’t tried a lot of gear. Bu... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Steven Stills - “Manassas”Free - “fire and water” 
What phono preamp are you using?
So after reading all these I’m looking at 4 phono stages now. Herron VTPH-2A,Allnic h1202, Whest two.2, and the pathos in the groove (which was already on my list prior to this post) the first two would definitely be pushing the budget but if the ... 
What phono preamp are you using?
Thank you all for the responses. I currently have a Soundsmith zephyr MIMC star and a Vincent pho 701 and I just upgraded my integrated amplifier to a raven nighthawk mk3.1 and my phono pre amp just isn’t cutting it anymore.