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Power conditioner/surge protection for Hegel H200?
WyWires makes a wonderful power distributor. It's totally passive, but it makes a big improvement. I reviewed it recently on Dagogo. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
You can read my review about the Ultimate cables on Dagogo and I talk about the breakin. The short answer is yes they do become much weighter sounding, but they go through some bad times first. 
Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?
There are a few speakers designed for wall or corner placement. Klipschhorns come to mine, but are not my cup of tea even though I have an SET amp. But, after years of speakers that go way out in the room I now own the Audio Note AN E speakers. I ... 
What's the general concensus on Wavac amps?
Well I have a MD 300B that was 6500.00 but now is 7500.00. I paid 3200.00 for it as a Demo, that no longer had the glass piece that just sits on the amp for looks. It replace a over 12,000 worth of audio note amps and preamp. It is clearly better,... 
Speakers for under $10k used?
speakers today I would buy the AN/E SEC Silvers that are for sell used in the speaker section for 8500. These retail for 22,000 and are one of the best speakers period. Read the review at enjoy the music.com. 
What does Flat Earth mean in audio circles?
Check out this page and what I think below.http://freespace.virgin.net/tony.lonorgan/flatearth/Well I think this thread proves the point above that we need some new terms. I thought I was a borderline flat earther that is until I read definitions ... 
12" or so monitor stands
Sistrm will make you some and there is nothing to compare. Read my review, but I misspelled sistrum so it says systrum. If these are two expsive I have my old autio notes that I will make you a good deal on. 
Review: Systrum Speaker stands & equipment platform Stand
Pictures at www.audiopoints.com the ones for the Audio Note Es are just 10 inch versions of the stands you see on the site. 
Any owners of a Unison Research S8 integrated ?
The Amp has plenty of power for an SET and I enjoyed it but it is not the last word in transparency. It has a rather big romantic sound. 
Review: WAVAC MD-300B Tube amp
I have reviewed the preamp and I agree, but I want to point out that I had the same preamp for the Kora Cosmos Refernces and the Audio Note Amp. 
Who are the Jazz Cats on Audiogon?
I am one. 
Review: Audio Note AN-E SE Speaker
Two things I should have added about the speakers.1. The scale with with they present the music. I have to look over at the small speakers. It's hard to believe they arn't large horns, or towering plainers or large towers of tweeters and woffers.2... 
Best Speakers Close to Walls
The Audio Note Js and Es are designed to be against the wall. You can go to the reviews and read my review of the E. 
Audio Note: which are better AN-J/Spe or AN-E/L?
I hope someone responds to this I have only heard a pair of Js once and even though the pair I heard was over 5K they didn't touch my E/Ls but I'm not sure that wasn't because they were pulled out in the room and in a room I wasn't use to. I misse... 
Review: Audio Note M5 line Tube preamp
I reposted it because it did not show up as a review because I didn't know what I was doing I guess. Sorry.