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Are Harbeth the only warm and euphonic speakers in town ?
Also, Vienna Acoustics    
Looking for nearfield passive speakers that are warm and rich
Great recommendations, across the board, above.  This does seem like a natural fit for the BBC L3/5 progeny, and their similar, slightly larger siblings depending on your needs and surroundings.  Harbeth P3, Graham, Spendor, Stirling (Rogers, Falc... 
Center Channel Speaker Conundrum
Thanks, the center channel speaker is not producing any sound whatsoever through the Netflix or Amazon feeds.  It sits essentially flush with the L/R mains and I had already elevated its output by way of EQ.  I acknowledged cross-posting, and plac... 
Center Speaker Channel Conundrum
Thanks, I will keep tyring to solve this.  The center channel speaker is putting out nothing whatsoever through the Netflix or Amazon feeds.   
Looking for speaker advice-$10-20k
Lots of great suggestions here. You may also wish to consider Harbeth M40.3, and various larger Spendors (S-100, S-200, D9, D7) and corresponding Graham models.    
Moving up the Harbeth line
For your larger room, perhaps the 30.2XD or 40th? That way you keep the general sound profile (including unparalleled midrange/human voice reproduction) but gain, presumably, from the slightly more open and foward dynamics invited by a grander spa... 
Moving up the Harbeth line
Those Rosewood M30.1s look great -- and the price was terrific (I viewed the ad and saw that they sold).  Enjoy them!  
High End Bookshelf Speakers
Two terrific options, but the B&W seems like a winner given the size of the room and your spacing limitations.   
Looking for my Final Pair!!
Those look cool -- I hope you enjoy them! 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
Along with Tannoy, a nice set of recent vintage Harbeth 40.1/40.2s, Spendor 100's/200's, or corresponding Grahams might suit your purposes very well. Sort of an anti-audiophile, pro-music approach.      
Best skiinny floorstanders
Spendor A-line, Graham LS5/9f, ProAc, and any of these might work out well:  https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649719782-vienna-acoustics-beethoven-baby-grand-symphony-edition...https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649598483-kudos-super-20as-in-s... 
Budget Hunter: Spendor S8e vs Totem Hawk
Nice choices.  The Harbeth's are priced high for that generation, but ike contemporary Spendors, might be exceptional conveyors of the classic BBC / British sounds even more than the 30.1 and 30.2 sets. If intrested, condiser offering something co... 
Spendor D9.2 vs. Harbeth super hl5 plus xd + REL Stentor III vs. Spendor Classic 100?
You may wish to check out Graham, as well.   
Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk
The largest of the standmount, but bass-sufficient, Harbeths, Grahams and Spendor Classics might ft the bill perfectly.     
Full circle and thinking about speakers
One more:   https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649716438-joseph-audio-rm22xl-in-maple/images/3163099/.