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Best Rock Album in 2010
also almost embarassed to admit, the new Peter Frampton album is quite good 
Best Rock Album in 2010
hendrix valley of neptune gets my vote 2 
DVD music concerts
Wilco's Ashes of American Flags was quite good 
Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings
recent discovery:The Herbaliser "Same As It Never Was" 
Vandersteen 7 Flagship at CES
what did you think about Unified 3 or was it? the new smaller speaker from Vandersteen? 
Latest Pre Pro with all the new codecs
Kal...in your opinion which HT processor has the best 2 channel preamp capability? 
What is a Home Theater Bypass
what about an HT processor with a high end audio quality 2 channel that is on par with the best? life wld be simpler...does it exist? 
Best movies last two years
AAD 7001 vs Magico Mini MK II
How are ypu finding the Kharmas? Curious to hear. I used to own the pre diamond tweeter 2.3Fs.....and miss them. 
AAD 7001 vs Magico Mini MK II
i wld also consider Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento. Visually sunning, 2 way appropriate for a smaller room, relaxed yet inviting character, not hard to drive. i auditioned them about a year ago and was very impressed. I like the Magico Mini's too, I... 
your reference dvd
i second planet earth, especially via blu ray. stunning, awe inspiring. 
"small profile" Center Channel
i use the Ascendo C5 
1.2 HDMI source and 1.3 receiver...
what about the other way around? 
Verity Parsifal or Magico V3 or Wilson Benesch ACT
I have no exp w/ WB but did audition a variety of models from Verity and Magico. Plus I am no tech guru so I'll leave that to others. One thing that they really differ I found was speaker positioning. For the Verity's you really need them out furt... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
Hey Kal, have u checked out the new Denon AVP A1HDC1? Looks like quite a juggernaut!