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My current setup since 8 years : Audio Research ref 7 CD player Audio Research  ref 3 preamp BAT 2 x VK1000 poweramps B & W 800N speakers .All bi amp . i think it will not be better  
Got a BAT VK-225se ... Holy Moly!
Also for me Holy Moly BAT , I ; m using 2 x BAT VK1000 for biamp drive the B & W 800N , preamp Audio Research REF 3 .What can I wish more   
Audio Research D400 mk2 Caps
Hello George , found second hand at Ebay , brand Cornell Dubilier , seller nri-industrial , North America. but also new at the company Cornell Dublier , you should only know if they fit in your poweramp  Good luck     
BW 800 D3 Floor Speakers
I'm still using 2 x BAT VK1000 , B&W speakers perfect for biamp .mariage in heaven .BAT 655SE new production. 
VIBEX noise audible noise
Today I got an answer of VIBEX , I wrote them about the problem , I could send the unit to Spain to have inspect it .In the meantime I got a Russ Andrews Silencer ( parallel filter ) that works great , unit dead quiet, told this result , and withi... 
VIBEX noise audible noise
Asked VIBEX.ES , the factory , hope I get an answer , but already knowno serviceable parts inside , all 3 are the older models. 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
I'm using the Swiss Holborne tonearm , 10 inch dualpivot , price € 2990 inEurope . My turntable is the Dutch DDSphinx PJ 6 .Cartridge DynavectorTe Kaitora Rua . Marriage in heaven. 
Audio Research REF 3 worth buying today?
OH , perhaps also interesting , I retubed also my ARC PH5 by NOS Telefunken E88CC and disconnected the rectifier section for an outboard Border patrol tube rectifier. For me if makes  no sense to upgrade to newer ARC products . 
Audio Research REF 3 worth buying today?
To make the REF 3 better , what I did , I retubed by 6H30P-DR and put also in a 6650 Tungsol blackplate . I also made the REF 3 to a REF 3SE by adding the extra cap.bank . I also retubed my CD REF 3 with the same tube layout .  
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
my tubepre amp and ss poweramp is a marriage in heaven , preamp AudioResearch REF 3 ,poweramp 2 x VK1000 BAT which have to drive B&W 800NPreamp tubes all 6H30P-DR and NOS Tungsoll 6550 black plate 
Does it pay to upgrade tubes in power supply of preamp??
In my ARC REF3 I replaced the powerregulatertube by a nos Tungsol 6550 black plate .This was a really great upgrade .All the 6H30P-EB tubes by 6H30P-DR versions , also in the powersupply . 
Any ARC REF 5 owner has a noisy display
Yes , I give ARC an Email , answer sent to the distributor in the Netherlands ( Europe ) , bring the unit to the distributor , they will bring toa service and repair centre , they will take a look in the unit and make contact with ARC US to know w... 
Whining screen on ARC Reference 3
Question for REF 5 owners , do you have the same noisy display problem as the REF 3 ? 
6550 replacements for upgraded CD7
hello bifwynne , no I did not ask ARC , I followed the advice of a university graduated engineer who is doing business in the Netherlandswith his own brand of CD players , amplifiers and other highend products . The 6550 NOS tungsol was installed ... 
6550 replacements for upgraded CD7
Quick after the upgrade of the powersupply I put in a 6550 Tungsol blackplate . Wow it still works for years without any problem . After buying the CD 7 I replaced all the small tubes by 6H30P-DR versions .Still in use , also a big improvement .A ...