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Favorite moment with music in your car.
Mid 90's in a black 94 T-Bird, I pulled the worst OEM poor excuse for a stereo out of the dash, and began a custom install. In the dash went an Alpine cd player, 5 1/4 ADS separates in the front doors, 5 1/4 Audax co-axes in the rear side panels, ... 
Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?
All of my ic's are from Koldingaudio (eBay). They are smooth, open, and dynamic. They are digital RCA for my cdp, AEB/EBU streamer to dac, and XLR DAC to my Luxman class A. The lowest cost cable was $8 delivered, and the most expensive was around ... 
DAC upgrade
Luxman L-509 AXll  
DAC upgrade
A bit late to the game, but in my opinion the delta sigma dacs can be quite resolving, but lose on soundstage. R2R dacs typically excell at soundstage, and with good material, put the vocalist in the room with you. I did audition a Chord Qtest onc... 
DIY w Oaktron drivers DIY w Oaktron woof realistic horn tweet DIY EV SP12B Phillips mid realistic horn tweet (jam kings) Pioneer Project 80 Boston A70 Boston A100 JBL L40 Mission 770 Freedom PSB Image T55 Monitor Audio Silver 6 KEF Refer... 
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
I ran a Zen Stream with an external linear power supply for maybe a couple of years. I really enjoyed it, There is room for improvement in the app. On 12/04/23 my new Volumio Rivo showed up. I was told it needed 200 hours burn in by the seller. I ... 
I bought a SansuiĀ  G-5700 (I think) for my kids. I was very impressed with the sound. Sansui of that era was very good, and to this day bring a very high price. In mainstream low end electronics, I think Sansui was very tough to beat. I would stay... 
What was your first record?
James Gang "Rides Again". It was a Christmas Present. I played the hell out of "Funk 49"!  
Gustard R26 on sale
Purchased the R26 on 5/25. Recently they went on sale for 10% off. I sent an email to Shenzenaudio requesting the sale price, and they refunded me $178.19 today. "Stand Up" sellers!  
Gustard R26 on sale
My recent post showing the Gustard R26 on sale was removed by a moderator with no reason given, yet this post remains. I would like to know why moderator.  
Stephen Stills
I had the album "Stephen Stills 2" in my youth. I played the daylights out of it. Some entertainers work really hard for their fans. Stephen just plain oozed talent. A very gifted man.  
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
My best ever owned, and current? Dynaudio Contour S 1.4. They just do it all right. Not one negative thing to say.  
Gustard R26
InĀ  my previous post regarding the Gustard R26 I forgot to mention that dynamics were substantially better with the R26 compared to the Ares ll. With good source material, I fount the R26 to be quite holographic. I am well pleased with the R26.  
Gustard R26
I recently purchased the Gustard R26. It replaced the Denafrips Ares ll. It has been fed a signal, and left powered on for approx. 240 hours. IMO it is still improving in presentation. The presentation (source dependent) is large and open in sound... 
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
I reached out to Danny Ritchie of GR Research regarding DIY cable risers. I was told that as long as the material does not conduct static electricity, I should be OK. My cable risers are 2 x 2's 2 inches long. Not pretty, but functional.