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Anthem ARC and Subwoofers - A quick review
I agree. I set up my Anthem by ear... the software works OK... but I needed to tweak the settings for my liking.  
Speakers for daughter
  For your situation... I recommend the KEF LS-50 wireless... if she needs more bass add the small sub KEF sells. I have owned Ls50, LS50w, Elac Debut, Elac UB5... I do not recommend Elac's ... listening to them is torture.     
What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?
warning ... opinion..😏 I would either add a pair of subs, or upgrade to larger speakers.   BTW... cool room... I'm jealous.  
Room treatments for a lively sounding room
I just moved the panels around until I believed it sounded best...  
Lifespan of components?
I prefer older equipment... like me.  
Do I really need a preamp with dac with volume control help
Damn this hobby !😉 If it works ... why fix it? Unless... you have the disease ... audiophile virus...  
Phono cables
Hum is typically a ground loop or lack of ground... and could possibly be a bad RCA or ???... I would first check all cables... make sure they are fully inserted to the receptacle. This includes 120v, RCA, etc. AND... the ground from the TT to th... 
In wall speaker help!
I prefer to install electrical PVC in situations like yours... so you can pull new (different) cables in the future. Electrical because of the 90 fittings allow pulling of cables..  
Audio Research Ref75 se
Read this... if it can run Maggie's... https://www.tonepublications.com/review/arc-ref-75se-power-amplifier/    
System Set-Up Suggestions?
Cool video system... I assume mainly video? Speaker size in AVR 'speak' is really asking about the low xover point. With your setup I would choose small. Try 120hz at first work your way to lower settings by ear... if speakers start acting up... ... 
150a would do just fine... put it at the battery end. search;     Blue Sea Systems MEGA/ AMG Fuses  
Are there any audiophile Air BnB's?
🤔 That is a cool idea...  
Off the Grid Listening-HELP!
I put a lot of thought into this subject as well. I came to the conclusion that I would need a professional to help me with load calculations for the batteries.  Although, I believe that using batteries may result in better sound quality of your ... 
CD transports
yes. I use Jay's Audio...  
Does your sound room stink?