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POowerCord for For the McIntosh MA6900
I made a 4 strand copper 9-gauge cord.Very chee for my 6900 works great macs seem to like big copper everywhere . 
Marantz integrated amp question
I have had the 14s1 with a variety of speakers (ryan,paradigms,fritz,gravitas scanspeak) The sound at low volume was ok but vailed. At high volume the sound was very clean full and detailed just top notch. I had a  cronus magnum at the same time w... 
Speakers good for close to wall placement
I in my experience speakers with a really solid cabinet can placed almost anywhere. (not all) I have Ryan R-610s on stands  slammed to the wall and they sound great. 
Good and bad w/ replacing stock preamp jumpers?
I also have an MA 6900 integrated. I swapped the stock jumpers for a pair of interconnects which I never cared for and the amp went from sounding a bit harsh to very smooth and spacious. Also just cleaning the jumpers and jacks once in while helps... 
looking to upgrade amp. Best choice of Belles Aria vs Rogue CM v Parasound HINT?
I had the marantz reference integrated that is a step above your pm8005 and upgraded to the rogue cm2 which had tighter bass and was more musical then the marantz. Also its very responsive to tube rolling. Also I heard it side by side with a new p... 
Considering Rogue Audio or P.S. Audio
jsqt  My rogue had a constant hum through the speakers though not a problem when listening to music. I used several new and nos tubes nothing changed until I went back to the stock JJ tubes. Lost a little warmth but very quiet.  
Pre/Power Jumpers for McIntosh MA-7000?
Im not sure if it is lack of shielding on the factory jumpers or just a new clean connection but  a set of low end jumpers really cleaned up and smoothed out the music on my ma6900. I also tried a couple pairs of 3' interconnects with the same res... 
For your information
Just saw your post and tried it. Worked nice  Thanks 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
I have a vpi scout and the Hana SL works very well. Quiet background and very musical. Sounds warm but with detail. I think it will pair well with your mcintosh.  
I'm thinking about a Jolida system, and would like to know from those in the know!
Ive had the cm2 for 3 yrs now no problems. It sounds more musical then the older SS Mcintosh system which it replaced. Every time I audition a new SS Integrated at the stores when I come home and turn my CM2 on I forget about the ones at the store... 
Hana SH vs ortafon 2m Black
I have the budgie SUT 10 hooked up now for a few weeks. Its given my hana quite a big boost in gain which now sounds a lot more aggressive and is no longer on the thin side and still remains smooth and quiet. 
Hana SH vs ortafon 2m Black
There are are some good videos on You Tube for setting up and adjusting your scout. I did mine for the first time and got it pretty close. The Hana needed a little extra weight on the head shell to adjust the tone arm weight properly. If thats the... 
Hana SH vs ortafon 2m Black
Thanks for your response. The Hana is as you described smooth musical low noise. Turning up the volume is fine up to about 75% then I start getting tube rash or something like that and I feel I am pushing the limits of the amp. Now when I have it ... 
Turntable Upgrade
A  used table  would be fine. I checked out the poly table that yogi boy recommended at the show very nice quality and design. Still researching the best cart for that one. The margules sounded great for 1,800 very heavy cool design but after cart... 
Turntable Upgrade
Thanks I only had the chance to demo against the rega 2 The two sounded the same. Tried to demo the Marantz 15s1 but it was having belt issues. I think I will check out the ca audio show in oakland  in a couple of weeks and go from there. Also vpi...