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A nightmare regarding streaming?
I hardly ever use playlists, but I back up Roon regularly and I use Qobuz.  Is something wrong with me because I do not use playlists?  
Problem: DAC or streamer San Francisco east bay help
You might want to consider purchasing an inexpensive DAC that has the same inputs as your current DAC for testing purposes. If that DAC is recognized and works with your streamer using the same interface you will know for sure that the issue is wi... 
How cheap can you go and still be happy with the sound?
My office setup consists of an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, an iMac, and Definitive Technology Incline Speakers.  I like enjoy the sound using a variety of sources. None of my setups are expensive.  For me it is all about the music.    
When did you last update your Wifi firmware?
I replaced my first generation Netgear Orbi setup several months ago with an ASUS mesh system because I could no longer get firmware updates on the Orbi.  I need to check to see if auto updates are happening on the ASUS system.  Thanks for jogging... 
What are your thoughts/opinions on the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium
At Axpona earlier this year I listened to the Starkrimson stereo amp.  It was connected to an Orchard Audio PecanPi Plus.  The combo sounded clear with excellent separation and depth. I listened to a lot of systems that day, and the clarity of the... 
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
“Darlin’ Corey” on Ricky Skaggs Big Mon album is a great sounding track. It has bluegrass instrumentation with the added bonus of Bruce Hornsby's voice and piano.  The entire album sounds great.    
Anyone listen to entire albums?
I’m now 100 percent digital. I stream my ripped/downloaded music from the NAS or from Qobuz.    I usually stream entire albums, but it is not feasible to do that with compilation releases that include multiple CD’s. Occasionally I’ll play a favori... 
Music first or sound first?
Music is first for me.  Roon might not have the best sound quality,  but I use it because it is the best tool for discovering new music.  Gear and sound quality is important, but it is secondary.  
What is going on here? Streamer or DAC?
It does not make any difference if the issue with your current streamer/DAC is the streamer or the DAC part of the device. If the device is faulty, then it needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you really want to continue using your old device, yo... 
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
Here’s another obscure Fleetwood Mac song from the Peter Green era Fleetwood  Mac.  Like Crying might be an obscure song, but Peter Green is playing Greeny, one of the most famous guitars in Rock and Roll history.  
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
Sub $1000 DAC with AKM chip
Orchard Audio’s PecanPi+ streamer/DAC uses the latest AKM chipset and can be ordered as DAC only device.  I own the original model and it sounds great in streamer mode.  
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
You guys have been responding to exactly what I was talking about. I forgot about Jenny 867-5309.  That is a great song. So is Supper's Ready.  
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
As others have stated, streaming will definitely improve your audio quality.  I think that trying out inexpensive streaming options is a good way to get an understanding of what streaming is all about before dropping big bucks on a high end strea... 
Do you adjust your subwoofer
I use an SVS 3000 Micro sub in my home theater system.  Using the SVS app, I have set up and saved two settings.  I use one setting for TV listening at low volume and another for listening to music and movies.The low system allows me to get good s...