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Tidal vs Hi Res Files vs CD vs “Netflix”. My test. Incredible!
I’m with @hudo. How are you listening to tracks on Netflix? I’ve noticed that Tidal played through the web browser of my Samsung TV into a cheap Fiio DAC via optical cable into my secondary system sounds remarkably good. @plda 
Musicians in your living room vs. you in the recording hall?
Jesus, this again. Every musician and recording engineer knows: live and recorded music are two different things. If your musical satisfaction is driven solely by the “having musicians in the room” exerience, you’re missing out.  
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
@uberwaltz. I’m actually on the Central Coast Of CA but have deep ties to the Gulf Coast. And yeah, we’re kind of behind the times here (my dentist doesn’t have a computer 😳), which might explain my luck finding media. Lots of retired folks around... 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
I’ve had no problem getting my RT-701 worked on. Likewise, I score reasonably-priced RTR tape all the time—at estate sales, vinyl record shops, on Craigslist, from hi-fi pals... And I live in the sticks. RTR is so much fun, and no cassette player ... 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
Geoffkait - right???
Are you going to reverse all the wire in your gear, too? Maybe go down to the recording studio and reverse their cables as well? How about the power lines coming into your house, they ok?  
Reel to reel
Nashville Recording Supply has it, but it’s not cheap. My Pioneer RT-701 loves Maxell and Memorex, and I’ve had very good luck buying used tape on eBay. As long as it was stored correctly, you’ll probably be ok.  
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
Very entertaining. To each his/her own, but a pair of 12” drivers shouldn’t need a subwoofer. Brash sounding with no low end. Hard pass on the Heresy.   
Interconnects and non-believers
english210 elizabeth “Elizabeth, WHICH OIL did you use? That’s the important part, not that you did it yourself. Using the correct oil will boost mileage and hp by 50%.... :)”Snake oil, of course  
Interconnects and non-believers
This again?! I hate that my beloved hobby has been reduced to a pathetic red/blue argument. You love your expensive cables/lamp cord is all you need. Great. Now go listen to some music.   
Stay away from the nad
"I call it disposal electronics. I mentioned C275 and two C356's, but I forgot to mention M3 on which display went dead (but it did work)."I'm sure it's frustrating, but why keep buying them if they keep breaking? At some point it's on you, no? 
FM alive and well here...curious question
Anyone who thinks streaming is equivalent to FM broadcast isn't using a Mc tuner. They sound amazing. In some ways more engaging than vinyl. Most FM playlists, however, suck, and the good ones are usually low power. Therefore a decent outdoor ante... 
How often do you clean cables? And which types do you clean most often?
@mechans Perhaps a white van... 
Wife trouble
Consideration goes a long way. When you're shopping for vinyl, remember to occasionally pick up titles that your partner likes. Did I buy a copy of the Xanadu soundtrack? Yes. Does my partner complain about my ADS 730s? No.  
High quality interconnects - bargain price
"Blue Jeans are well made, but not audiophile cables...."Because they didn't cost $1500/pair?