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What heat sink compound to use in a Musical Fidelity A1?
Thanks very much. The top cover has two screws that connect to the heat sink, so there’s some clamping force. I’ll try for a very thin layer.  
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
I'd be glad to attend a September meet.Any Stax users on the line? I'm looking for a headphone setup for work, and Head-Fi is presenting *way* too many options.Cheers from Norwood 
iMac vs. PC Laptop
Fishbonegt, You could use your CDP as a DAC if it has a digital input. I'm not saying "most" do or "most good CDPs" do. If your current CDP doesn't have a digital-in, maybe your next one could? 
iMac vs. PC Laptop
24/96 vs. Music Hall CDP: assuming you're playing back lossless audio on the PC, the potential's there. Would you be using the CDP as your DAC?I agree that wifi can be a real stumbling block. Audio drop-outs are a big disappointment when you've ta... 
AAC or AppleLossless
As I understand it, the startup disc is the HD you should leave 20% free for VM, paging, etc. That overhead HD use is fluid, and you want to make sure it's available if it's called upon. A second HD isn't used in this way and should be safe. But i... 
Recording line input to USB via D/A?
Honestly, if recording is your bag, talk to the people at Not sure what you're using this for or what features you need, but there's an awful lot more than Transit and M-Audio on the market. 
Macintosh - Mac Mini aficionados please help
The G5 iMac is VESA-compatible, hoist away. I use a couple Logitech USB mice, 2 buttons plus scroll wheel, without anything like a driver install. Plug it in, wait one second, use it like it's always been there. The only thing your keyboard might ... 
Latest iPod Configuration -- Any New Hope?
Hi Glen, You need to turn off the iPod's auto-sync feature to do this. With your iPod plugged in, go to iTunes. On the lower right of the window you should see a small iPod-looking button. Click it to open up the iPod options panel. That's where y... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
I wonder why that is, Twb2. Inferior in what way?Did you trial any other DACs with your G4? I'm starting the great DAC hunt now. For testing a DAC, could you swap a CD transport for your G4 and get a ballpark-similar sound? 
USB Soundcards - faint popping/clicks
I'm still building my first system, toying with using a Mac for playback. Anyone here A/B their Waveterminal>DAC against some other transport and the same DAC? I'd be very interested in what you've heard.Also considering hooking up the Mac to a... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
The "Mini Mac as audio server?" thread is about this very thing. Not so much whether it can be done--a Y-connector will certainly work--but whether it can be done well. Getting the audio out of the Mac is the real thing, and there are a number of ... 
Mini Mac as audio server?
Gunbei, most big companies buy ethernet cabling in bulk, slice off what they need where they need it. Belkin sells a rainbow of choices. Happy happy CAT 5.Edesilva, regarding Apple Lossless I'm mostly interested in playback, AL vs. WAV. Does decod... 
Mini Mac as audio server?
No worries Gunbei, though I believe this is a new feature in Panther (10.3). Target Disk Mode is still nothing to sniff at. Just nice to escape a shutdown.I only wish iTunes did Shorten/FLAC playback, mainly for all these EasyTree shows. I've read... 
Mini Mac as audio server?
Gunbei, actually I just ran a FireWire (400) cable from the iBook to the G4 Tower. Opened up the Network prefs. From the "Show" dropdown select "Network Port Configurations". FireWire should be listed as an option (only if you've plugged in the ca... 
Large Audio Libraries
iTunes does have its own database: XML.