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Prima Luna Prologue Preamp
Outlaw 976... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
GoldenEar. Great value. Money is spent on driver and x-over tech not in expensive wooden enclosures.  Read the reviews, then take your money and music to the dealer to listen and compare.... 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
Yep, I have a crimson 275 and am a fanboy myself....Looking forward to new Carver products. 
Help selecting a new preamp
Thanks to all for the comments advice and direction.  Has anyone heard that Bob Carver will have a tube preamp in the fall?  Any info, or speculation? 
Help selecting a new preamp
Thanks all for suggestions....I'm looking to simplify and improve sound quality over my existing preamp.  I originally wanted to switch video with audio and the Outlaw had great reviews and it was priced reasonably.  But, I've had problems with th... 
Help selecting a new preamp
Thanks, reading about it now.! 
Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated
I've had my Crimson 275 for about 4 months.  It has approximately 50 hours.  It is driving a pair of Goldenear Triton 2's.  Love the sound...the 275 replaced two 200w mono class d amps.   Always was interested in Carver since the 70's when the Pha... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Carver crimson 275Goldenear Triton 2 plusMac miniSchitt d\a