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I am interested to update my 15 year old system !
i dont believe ps audio still marketing  mumbo jumbo stuff on youtube while a lot of custumer not served well  
Zoomer needs help navigating 50's-80's Hi-Fi equipment
noise reduction system seem no needed ,, how can signal out more lower noisr than sihnal in  
Wharfedale Elysian 4 Incredible build quality and sound, but made in China.
if yhe sound excellent , why not????  
Are audiophiles still out of their minds?
gold fuse??  
vintage versus modern speakers
i have question for all of you >> cheapest speaker made in last 10 year that can beat any vintage speaker made before 1970??????  
Does Anyone Use Pro Audio Speakers as their Main?
no ,, pro audio monitor too hazy  , too cloudy  and sometimes treble is high make bleeding ear   ,, i wish i have mini  h a  mer  to dest  oy all pro audio speaker  
Recommendations for digital recording device?
i hear in my friend housr  ,, the sound is quite good but noy too special    
Wadia 8 transport CD drawer will not open or close on its own
very dissapointing as yhis cd player is quite good in sound  
Ghost in the machine or I have the jedi force.
how can you have jedi force ??skywalker took it from you years ago 
Can/Is AI Used To Post Threads on Audigon?
why   ai want to run audio forum?????  
it is fake or real transiator?
oh yes , but it cost about an half from average person sell it ,, so i cant stand to buy it  ,,, i just wondering if any rare jfet could be faked to and hard to detect  ,, amyway thank you all for answer this yhread  
Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
come on come one   ,    i need objective review  
Need help finding a phono/preamp
i believr NP has it  using lowrst noise jfet  
Would It Be Possible To Get Help Finding This Song?
just sing in front your  android mic    , google will try to find it  
Sweet Sounding DAC
tda1541 crown series will beat every dac you have ever hear period!!