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New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Power cords have no effect on audio quality.  
Outlet Question
Outlets do not affect audio quality.   
I need a recommendation on Class D amp
For subwoofer duty a Crown XLS will do.   
Will a tube amp work well on Revel f208?
I know this is an old thread but I’ll just say that I have a pair of (updated) Dynaco MK III monoblocks and they sound great with the F208s. Do they get super loud? No. But loud enough for me. 90db or so at least. Are they as crystal clear as my B... 
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
Look at Buckeye amps   
Yes, digital cables matter too
Total nonsense.  
New Class D amplifiers
I have a Purifi amp from Buckeye Amps that sounds awesome   
New Class D amplifiers
Check out Buckeye amps.  
Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
Topping Pre90  
Power cords: Anticable vs Mad Scientist
Power cords do not affect audio quality. Save your money.  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
Can’t go wrong with Hypex or Purifi   
Hi-end audio is a big zero
That’s what measurements are for.  
Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?
Save some $ and go with a Purifi amp. Buckeye makes great ones.  
Neutral Dac?
@tomcarr I have them paired together with Hypex NC400 and BMR Monitors the sound is pristine. I’m awaiting delivery on a Purifi amp from Buckeye.  
Neutral Dac?
Topping D90SE has the lowest distortion sounds fantastic