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Good component video cables....?
Monster M-1000 silver RGB. I am using it with my Barco projector. I don't like monster cables but this is the only exception. Excellent price too. 
Airtight ATM300 vs. Cary 300SEI
auricap is available from michael percy. 
Tube Tester
you would want a mutual conductance unit. for that price range, look for heath kit, B&K, knight, eico or superior in ebay. The B&K is solid state and do not tube 4 pins like 300B. The hickok 533 is a good unit but u need some luck to find ... 
Airtight ATM300 vs. Cary 300SEI
I have compare OEM and regular tamura transformers. The regular seems to be bigger in size. Regarding the capacitor choice, it is partly a personal preference. I know I don't like MIT polypropene in this application. I am happy with MIT RTX but I ... 
Tube Tester
Buy Hickok if you want a really good tester and size is not a big concern. 
Tube Tester
What is your budget? 
Airtight ATM300 vs. Cary 300SEI
Cary is really not in the same league as Airtight. That's why you see so many used Cary. Transformer is the heart of a SET amplifier. Both Sun Audio and Airtight use Tamura transformers. Sun uses the OEM and Airtight uses the regular version. Sun ... 
Without a doubt, the JA80 for pure music enjoyment unless you are really into heavy metal or rock music. Some people might tell you to listen for yourself but I don't think you need that kind of reply here. 
TUBE....Starting with Power or Preamp ?
Start with tube preamp! Many tube power amps don't perform best with SS preamps due to impedance matching. Try EAR 834L or Joule Electra LA-100MKII ( $1050 in audiogon now ). For less money and good result, try counterpoint 5.1 or foreplay ( visit... 
tubes or ss for amati homage
I second Nagra VPA 
Help me Tweek my System, for less
I think the room is the most important component of a audio system. Most rooms are overdamped but not linear at all. It would be very lucky to have a linear response in your room without some extensive room treatments. As a alternative, a Tact RCS... 
CJ ART vs. ML Ref 32 vs. Boulder 1012
To me, most of the great preamps are tube preamps. The best way to go is to get a tube pre with balanced output. i would rather use a passive preamp than to use a SS one. 
ARC, Spectral, Cello for Avalon Eidolon?
You might want to consider Jadis and Gryphon Antileon Signature. They are known to be one of the best match for Avalon. Jeff Rowland is a good choice if you like their sound. 
Favorite nos tube?
yes, it is. So are 7308, 6922, e88cc, ecc88 and cca. 
Kharma CE1 LE vs Avalon Eidolon
CE 1.0 LE is better than Eidolon? Are they similar in terms of presentation?