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Lack of Female Representation
my wife will join. 
So done with audiophile fuses
Wow.... What some of you don't know about electronics.Good luck with the fuse problem(s). The simple fuse.Wow ! 
Do you care about car audio?
Quad 8 Track.6x9 coax speakers with horns, in the rear.4 inch coax in the front doors.  Riders on the storm, whats not to love ?. 
When does one know it's time to upgrade?
I have several music systems, living room, shower, garage, boat, car etc. I spend most of my time enjoying music and not upgrading. Maybe, in the winter, I might get bored and get a new set of tubes for my amp, but now, it is time to go outside an... 
This forum is antiquated.
Everything is evolving. Use your time on earth to enjoy the things you love. Take the easy path, listen to music, look at art and drink some wine. Don't worry about what is best. 
Cat Scratch Fever?
I ate lunch with Alice Cooper. 
(6) Marvin Pontiac ,Im a Doggy - YouTube  
stereo review magazine
STEREO REVIEW: Consumer audio and music magazine beginning in 1958 (worldradiohistory.com)  
stereo review magazine
Playboy and Stereo Review, both jaw dropping and entertaining.  
Jazz listening: Is it about the music? Or is it about the sound?
Devil music.  Switch to rock. 
Stirring Up Trouble
I enjoy my system and the music I play on it. Sorry some of you are stressed out about audio, sad.I also enjoy reading this crap while drinking my morning coffee, fun stuff.Keep it coming. 
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
I too am strongly repelled by those who are unkind, rude, denigrating, or aggressive with their posts. Please, go away. 
If you think vinyl sounds better, then your brain will make it so and it will sound better to you. Vinyl does sound better, to those who think it does. 
members and their systems
I sell snake oil. 
The Intellectual People Podcast - Galen Gareis (Former Belden Wire Designer)
Good stuff, long, must listen !