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This is for Georgehifi especially but others can chime in.
bubba 12I have the Pass XP12 running through a pair of AVM 3.2 Mono's (which are D class) I tried the Pass XA 25 with my Dyn C1 Plat.They just like more power... I also use a comet dac with this set upI am not pushing D class but it does work well... 
This is for Georgehifi especially but others can chime in.
I also have a pair of the C1 P's, Dealer used Pass mono blocks to showcase them which were music to my ears.I use D-class AVM 3,2 mono,s  and kt88 audiospace mono,s  both of which drive them well. I do prefer the AVM'S with these speakers but you ... 
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?
Classe is closing its doors...may affect it resale valueMcIntosh on the other hand works very well with B&W and has a steady resale value  
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?
It is hard to give advise without knowing more about your system's needsHow efficient  are your speakers, What other components are in your current setup.Do you require a balanced design.Power amps can run the gamut from warm to bright in sound wi... 
Class D Technology
To me the fact that that a number of forums are now being devoted to class D amps indicates the importance and growth of this tech.I have 3 different class D amps all at different levels of sound quality. with the new Bel-Canto Ref 600 mono's as t... 
Help with picking the right phono pre for the rest of my system please!
I have experience with the ZYX Artisan  RCM SENSOR and now the AMAZON B-LAB all three worked well with  low output ZYX CARTS The Artisan is a smooth pre with  fine detail and very low noise floor, rca out onlyThe RCM has a large soundstage with a ... 
Hot-Rodding Tyler's Woodmeres- SEAS Be Tweeters
Hi I am interested in your mods... I also have a pair of woodmeres and have talked to Ty about improvements in crossovers for these speakers. He has not done any further development on these, so your approach seams like a good place to start.Would... 
Need recommendations on phono amp upgrade
I have used my ZYX U11 with both a RCM and Amazon phono pre's that I bought from Mehran at Sorasound. Both are a great match with the rcm being more dynamic and faster, the amazon relaxed and detailed.Dennis 
Computer Audio..Stream or download?
The Cambridge audio 851N you were asking about is a 851D with a cxn streamer built in. As of now it does not support Tidal but should in the near future. This is a very nice DAC for the money... I have run Tidal via Sonos through a number of diffe... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
there is a new review of the 851N in HIFI WORLDDennis 
PS Audio Perfect Wave MK II vs. McIntosh D100
I agree the PWDMK11 is a big improvement over the PSADL111I also have no experience with the D100 
Does anyone else have an "ANVIL Turntable"???
I also have experienced his tables, I found it to be accurate, quite and resolving with a natural airy soundstage. 
Don't you just hate it when---
OilmanmojoI have a friend who is considering selling his maplenoll Apollo. This unit is in current use... looks and sounds good,do you know anyone who may be interested? 
Don't you just hate it when---
Over the years I also have had mishaps with a couple of ZYX carts due to mishandling. ZYX and Mehran both have been more than fair in their dealing with me. I just wish more manufactures and dealers were this responsive with their customers.I also... 
old verses new ???
I am currently curious as to advances in turntable technologies, are they enough to upgrade from a maplenoll to a current table. What would be the advantages of this move?