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Tannoy Westminster GR or SE?
Hi Americano,Just checking in............did you or anyone else buy the Westminster GRs? I have access to a great deal on a pair of GR's and I am pretty close to pulling the trigger. Just looking for some user insight. Thanks in advance. 
Best speakers ever 4 small room?
Consider a pair of green mountain audio calypsos. State of the art speakers that can be used in a room your size without any problems. One of the most resolving speakers I have heard at any price with startling dynamics. The fact that their ports ... 
Vandersteen Quatro vs. GMA Calypso
Two excellent speakers from two of the best guys in the biz. I havent heard the Calypso's, but I have heard the continuum 3's and the quatros. You cant go wrong with either speaker; they represent the state of the art in speaker design. Ultimately... 
Vandersteen, Coincident or Green Mountain
Having owned speakers from all 3 lines, I would also highly recommend a quatro audition. They are less visually obtrusive (in fact, they are pretty cool looking) and they sonically surpass the 3A sig/2wq combo in every way. 
CD player that out performs BAT VK-D5SE ?
I have heard the VK-D5SE with superpak and it is quite a bit better than the "regular" 5SE. With the upgrade, I now think that this player can compete with any player at any price. Just comes down to taste and system synergy. 
Goldman Audio....Audio Done Right
Honest1,To answer your question, yes, Goldman now has at least 3 rooms setup to listen to a variety of gear. 
Goldman Audio....Audio Done Right
Couldn't agree more. Jon is a gentleman in an industry that has far too few and he has a great product line. His prices are fair, service is stellar, and his knowledge of music is extensive. I have bought many products from him over the years and ... 
Has anyone compared the Joseph Audio Pearl Speaker
I agree. Very little press on their statement speaker. To make matters worse, their Web site is horrendous! 
thoughts on nordost thor?
Why is the Adept Response excellent? Compared to the other conditioners I mentioned, in my system, the Adept Response was more resolving without being clinical, more dynamic which resulted in better PRAT, and it portrayed a soundstage without peer... 
thoughts on nordost thor?
I had a thor in house and compared it directly to the new audience adept response (whick had previously bested the likes of Shunyata, BPT, Equitech, Sound Applications, PS Audio, and many others). While I did prefer and buy the Adept Response, I t... 
Anyone heard Zu Druid speakers?
Anyone hear the Zu Definitions? How do they compare to the Druids? 
advice on genesis speakers
501's have been replaced by 5.2's and 6.1's have been replaced as well I think. I am looking forward to hearing the 5.2's myself ;) 
Vandersteen 5a. How refined a product are they
Fjn04,Can you tell us more about the partnering equipment and setup? 
Anyone heard the Thiel Subs
Heard one at sound by singer in ny and i thought it was one of THE best subs at any price. 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Thanks for the report tireguy. 3 questions:1) is the build quality reflective of the price?2) have you compared it with and without a high quality pre? I just wonder about the quality of the pre section in the DCC2. I know its supposed to be compa...