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Top turntables?
Simon Yorke.......... 
Your "DREAM" piece
hahahah, ill second the perfect room. priceless! 
Berning ZH270 vs 845 SET amp
i had a cary 805C (845 output tube) they sounded great, warm & very emotional, a bit rolled off at the extremes. i now have the ZH270, great amp that sounds like real live music. great bass & extended at the highs. no glare or harshness at... 
preamp for berning/merlin/audio aero system
if you can get a hold of an Emotive Sira ,try it . i think its an excellent combination. very musical & detailed but not bright at all. i use it with my berning & merlin MM. if your near NYC your more than welcome to hear it. 
Merlin VSM or Revel Performa F52
another vote here for Merlins , i have the VSM mm and the big EXL-4 . I love them both. what you put into them is what you get out! 
Anyone on Tungstram 6DJ8s?
a fellow A'GON set me a couple or pairs of tungsram & he said one was a phillips holland A FRAME & one was a EI. does that make any sence. also a EDICRON that he said was a tesla. 
Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 Cd
people will tell you there are alot better players BUT this thing sounds like music (no harshness what so ever), you can also upgrade it at SF,which im thinking of doing but no body responded to my post about the MAASTER CLOCK upgrade. you can als... 
oil change t/t
hi all, i asked steve again at SOS, he said use the mobil one & use the lightest weight which im assuming is 5w-30.since hes the importer im going by him. 
oil change t/t
spoke to steve (SOS) & my friend jeff at high water sound ,they recommend Mobile Onefor best sound, but only if room temp. is about 70 degrees plus. or you must "warm up" the oil befor playing. which means spin the platter for about 10-15 min.... 
Berning ZH-270
i use an EMOTIVE SIRA LE killer combo, makes me want to listen to my system any chance i get. very musical 
Two systems in the same room
i have 2 sets of speakers side by side ( Merlins EXL-4 & Merlin VSM m) on one system for the past couple of months, so far no problem. two different sounds on one system. 
cryod tube vs non-cryod tube
does it help microphonics?,like a 7044 tube. what do they usually charge to cryo a tube? 
Best lines in a song
"you dont get something for nothing you cant have freedom for free, you wont get wise with the sleep still in your eyes no matter what your dream might be" 2112 RUSH 
best tonearm for Kondo IO-J cart.
Raul, i was always told that usually the best way was to have a really good MM phono stage & use a great step-up for the extra gain. maybe i was misinformed. 
best tonearm for Kondo IO-J cart.
there is no question that the IO-J sounds better 99% of the time with the kondo step up than without. the reason i put up this post was to see if my arm was right for my io-j . i use a simon yorke (table & arm),& my friend was just over to...