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Poor Fritz
Fritz speakers are some of the best out there. I heard them at the California Audio Show. He uses the best components available and marries them to beautiful cabinetry. I had the honor of meeting Fritz at the show and he happened to be the nicest ... 
Krell New Pre-amps?
I auditioned the Illusion II. I thought it was very smooth, dynamic and musical. That being said, it was probably not the last word in detail retrieval. The liquid crystal display is also not as nice as the previously used dot matrix display. Also... 
Accuphase a-70 is a good option?
I've heard both amps. It's definitely an upgrade from the Mac 601's, although in absolute wattage terms, the Mac wins. If low level detail, timbre, and microdynamics matter to you, the Accuphase A -70 is the clear victor 
Krell Duo 300 compared to Evo 302e or 402e?
I've heard of inital problems with the new amp design and/or parts. That being said, I'm listening to one of the matching preamps right now, an Illusion II and it is fabulous. Very sweet, dynamic and great PRAT. The aesthetic design and execution ... 
Thoughts on New Krell Amps
I,m trying out the illusion preamp right now and it's tremendous 
Differences between Accuphase C-2820 and C-3800?
Both are beautiful pieces. The 3800 has a more robust power supply with greater capacitance. As expected, from a sonic standpoint, the extra expenditure gets you more in the way of dynamic contrasts, bottom end authority, transparency, soundstagin... 
New Pass Labs Xs amps
Got an extended audition today of the XS300's. The most grain free, open and absolutely controlled sound I have yet experienced. They are new classics and I dare say worth every penny of the asking price. I have also heard the XA200.5's. These amp... 
Pass Labs XP 30 VS Ayre KXR Pre
The winner is the Ayre without a doubt. 
Anyone auditioned Pass Labs XP-30 preamp?
I currently have one in for audition with a Pass X350.5 amplifier. I have compared it head to head with a Conrad Johnson GAT tube preamp. The CJ positively smokes the XP30.The CJ is open and spacious, where the XP30 sounds dynamically and spatiall... 
PS Audio 250 Delta monos/improvement
I used to own a pair of those and loved them. I'm still kicking myself for selling them. They had slightly noisy transformers, but other than that a warm, powerful sound. 
Your Impressions of the DV XX2 MKII
I have owned this cartridge for the past 3 years. Prior to installing it, I tried a Benz and a Sumiko. This one is the best. No mistracking on my system ever. Smooth, extended highs, Beautiful full mids and punchy bass. Excellent dynamics too. You... 
Adding Warmth and Balance with McIntosh 2105
Take a look at the PSB and Paradigm lines. They are both well engineered and are a substantial value. 
Denon cartridge vs Audio Technica cartridge
I haven't heard the Denon, but I did own an AT150MLX and it's excellent. A very good tracker and a very precise and accurate sound. Punchy bass and clear, pure highs. Could be a little bright at times, but system dependent. Overall great dynamics.... 
Good match for Sansui G-5700?
How about some Klipsch high efficiency speakers? They are 100db efficient and can be driven with that receiver. 
Focal Scala Utopia vs Wilson Sasha?
I would have to say that between those two, the Wilson's would probably play louder and cleaner. The Scala's are great at lowish volumes, but they fall apart with aggresive music. The Sasha's have more dynamic range, particularly in the bass with ...