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Lumin U2 or Aurender N200
To bring out the best from Lumin U2, the fiber optic connection is the way to go. However, regular fiber optic converters will only make the sound worse. You need to use an audiophile switch with a fiber optic output to pair with U2. I use a LHY ... 
Ethernet Switch- what's the point?
I just added a SW-10 switch, and I am using the fiber optic input too. The sound improvement was simply amazing.  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
It is great to hear from the actual user’s point of view. Different users could have different experiences of course. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the MU1!   
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
@nyev Hi, this is a long thread so I didn’t read every post. I noticed you tried out an Arunder N20 recently that I am interested in. Which USB cable did you use to pair with it? Did you think the N20 is not as detailed as Innuos MK3 plus PhxNET? ... 
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
I am a happy owner of DS MK2, and there is no hum coming from mine, not even when I put my ear within 3" of it. I have their power generator too, and it is quiet too.    
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
I did not read other posts, and this is the feedback from my own system. The cable differences in my system from most to least improvement is as follow: power cord for generator/conditioner; power cords for sources including streaming and disc tra... 
Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender
I have the Orbi satellite connecting to the streamer, I never had a drop off. The biggest improvement was from replacing the satellite stocked power supply to a IFI iPower X adapter, and it is plugged into the power generator. This has made a majo... 
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
a live performance will not sound like even the most expensive systems. They just do not sound alike.  
Router for Audio Streaming
I replaced my Orbi satellite power supply (connected to my streamer) with an IFI iPower elite PS, and it did improve the sound. It improved the sound more than a “audiophile” Ethernet cable in my system.     
For those of you who had spent over hundred thousand dollars for your sound system.
I spent over $125k on my current system so far, and I am spending more. Because I have never had more enjoyment and heard better sound quality until now.   
Power Cable Break In - Such a Change!
I really like my Dragon HC power cord connecting to my power generator. To me this is the best place for it. I remember it took three weeks to reach the best sound. I am considering to buy a Dragon source power cord, if I can find a used one. You ... 
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
My previous amps were all class A mono blocks from Krell and BAT, then I switched to PS Audio M1200 and couldn’t be happier. They sounded great and are cheaper than my previous amps.   
DH labs versus audio quest, HDMI
I really like the new AQ 48 series, they are way better than my older AQ Vodka and Coffee HDMI. I use them as the I2S connections.  
Fancy Fuse for Regenerator?
Purple works great in my P15 generator after one week of burning in. make sure you order 25% higher amp rating, their Orange tend to blow easy at the rated amps.  
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
I have used SR Orange, Beewax Ultimate, and SR Purple. I will rank Purple #1 and Ultimate 2nd. Purple needs a week to break in while Ultimate only needs a day.