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What's your oppinion on bridging two channel amps?
In regards to your Classe, both my 300 and 400 sound better bridged. As far as speaker loads go, they work fine with my Thiel 7.2 and 3.5 .You may find that your Classe runs hotter bridged, but that would be normal for Classe. 
Amp for Thiel 2.2?
Classe amps and Thiels have always been a good combination. There is for sale on audiogon now 3 Classe CAM 350 monoblock amps. Price seems right! Check it out. 
Vinyl comeback now, cassette tapes next?
Except for the cool smoke they emit in old "Mission Impossible" intros, there's not much of an upside. 
What is the best way to add video processing?
Check out the DVDO DV50 Pro. They can be had for @1800$ as factory rebuilt units. They list for 3500$ or so. About the best out there without going to the Lumigen which is a couple of thousand more. I got mine through Advanced Lamps. The VP50 may ... 
Zerostat Red vs Blue
At least with the old "white version", clicking meant that you were pulling the trigger too fast. I have an original from the 70's and it should not click at all when used properly. Are the new ones different? 
Best speaker cables for longer runs
I'd recommend the OCOS as well. Being a coax design, it lends itself well to long runs. Best used in double runs, the bass benefits greatly from that configuration. I have my right and left speakers using 25 to 30 foot lengths. 
Sub/Speaker Crossover?
With a sub, your placement doesn't have to be next to the mains. You may find that because you can move the sub to an adjacent wall your perceived bass may improve a lot (in the mains). I'd try 60hz to start, with the sub on an adjacent wall. Unfo... 
Vintage speakers from the 70's and 80's
Yamaha NS1000's or Gale. 
Mark Levinson 333 vs Classe ca300
I don't know your budget, but it might help you make up your mind if you get the chance to hear the 300 in bridged mode. I know it means buying two, but it sounds noticeably sweeter with better low end control running as a monoblock. You could get... 
Reel to reel tape question
Reel to reel tapes and even cassette tapes are a mylar plastic with a metalic oxide coating on one side. This gives it the dull appearance. Often referred to as magnetic tape, it is this dull side that has the signal on it. The dull side is the si... 
Velodyne ULD 15 mk II Help with servo amp
Do not use the woofer without the servo control wire hooked up. The accelerometer on the woofer cone sends info to the amp via that little wire. Sending the amp back to velodyne is your best bet. They often do little upgrades when changes were mad... 
subwoofer connection
The LFE content on a dvd is a separate and discrete channel not associated with the right or left front channels. There's no way to hear what's on that channel unless you connect the digital audio out of your player to the digital audio in on some... 
Replacement for Sansui 8080 for college student
There's a 9090 used now on Audiogon for 275. More than adequate replacement for your 8080 and heavier too. Just the thing for a cerwin vega. 
Best used DVD Player...Not interested in Blue R...
Something to consider, if you don't have an outboard video processor and upconverter, you definitly want a dvd machine that will upconvert to a higher res than 480i. Oppo has been getting great press. 
Dolby digital
One thing to consider in regard to dialogue and a center speaker is that in nails the center in the center. A fantom center only apears in the center if you are sitting in the center. People off to the sides won't hear center information coming fr...