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Listening to music I don’t particularly like
I regularly listen to music that I don't think I will like. Perhaps the artist's work didn't appeal to me or I didn't get enough exposure to the artist's oeuvre. I think to myself: There must be a reason this artist is so highly regarded. Happily... 
Schiit PSYT audio cables
The 6" short Pyst is a great IC between Modi, Loki, and Magni. No problems, great connection.  
Best Desktop Speakers under $500
Audioengine makes a line of passive and active speakers in that budget and style. 
Video Streaming—CBS, etc
I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. You can no longer DVR (or videotape) content from OTA network channels? They (CBS) can somehow block this on your DVR?wow. Those are the same programs I would DVR.T.Edit: I get a bundle through Apple T... 
Tidal Streaming Issues
I've had good luck with Tidal. In my part of the SE USA, the first thing I try to do with streaming issues of any kind is re-set my entire network, streamers, (including pc) switches, routers, and modems. I turn them all off (unplugging the modems... 
Could someone help figure out a setup?
+3 Audioengine.  
Underwood Hifi / Underwood Wally...
Call him and find out for yourself. Great guy - always a salesman yet my experiences with him have been positive. Good luck.T.  
Come on up to the House - Women Sing Tom Waits
Love this album!!Tom Waits is an underrated, under appreciated genius. I'd write more but I have to drive my piano home. It's been drinking. Great album there, Come On Up To The House: Women Sing WaitsFavorite is Ol' 55 by Shelby Lynne and her sis... 
What should I use to convert FLAC files to AIFF?
+ 1 for XLDConsider converting from FLAC to ALAC (Apple Lossless). About the same file size. I convert to lossless AIFF files in my home system because the storage is cheaper. The file size of AIFF is much larger than the equivalent FLAC or ALAC c... 
Apple Music
Here's some current info:https://darko.audio/2021/06/the-best-way-to-stream-hi-res-audio-from-apple-music/ 
I have a macbook pro going into a benchmark DAC - what's the best upgrade path?
I've never been able to discern the "noise" that others claim infects a computer used to stream.My suggestion is to acquire a Mac Mini. For those times when you need the MacBook for something else. You can easily control the Mini from your MacBook... 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
From the album "The Space Between Us" - Craig Armstronghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h9TCJVe6MUShe always enjoys hearing this song.  
Rush - The New Birth Control
"No one has ever gotten pregnant while listening to the music of Rush. "First of many laughs reading this piece.Thanks for this.T,(Also a Rush fan) 
macOS Big Sur iTunes playback with lid closed and controlled by iTunes "Remote" app
Here' a solution I found:https://windowsreport.com/mac/play-music-lid-closed-mac/The article shows some other solutions that may work for you.Good luck!!Tom 
Looking to buy a power conditioner
I'm on the Underwood Hifi mailing list. Seems like there might be some good ideas to start there...https://www.underwoodhifi.comThey might have some slightly used units for sale.I can see the wisdom in buying pre-owned hifi equipment. But, for som...